Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Girlies

Daphne was the VIP of her class the week I had Magnus. We got to work on this cute poster together and she got to bring in other pictures of favorite holidays, vacations, and pictures of family. She also got to help her teacher with special tasks all week and also got to choose snacks each day. She got to bring in her favorite toy to show everyone, sit in her teacher's chair and everyone got to ask her questions all about her. She loved being the VIP. Her teachers are always telling me how much they adore her and how smart and cute she is. I would have to agree, but I'm not biased or anything ;)

That week after Laylah came home with this:
She recieved the Student of the Month award for her entire grade. I was so proud of her. She is such a wonderful student and a sweet girl. Her teacher's always love her and tell me how much fun she is and what a great student she is. She is such a smartypants and got straight A's and perfect behavior on her recent report card. She got to have her picture taken and put up in the entry hall along with the other grades' Student of the Month kids. She also received a n envelope full of gift certificates to free meals at several restaraunts, candy, and pencils. She was so excited.

I am so lucky to have such darling, special girls. Love em'!

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