Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Over For Another Season...

Well, another busy sports season has ended. Laylah and Jonah's cheer and football finished up within a week of each other and it was perfect timing (one week before I was due). They both loved it and had great season's.

Here are Laylah's team pictures:This was her last game. I also got a lot of video of them cheering and also of the adorable dance they performed at half-time, but I'm not going to post it. Blogger hates me today and is taking FOREVER to upload everything.

Laylah with her cute coach Amber. She was so sweet and actually had a pizza/bowling party for the girls and awarded them their trophies. Andy took her to it and has all the pictures on his phone. As soon as I upload them I'll add them to this post-check back later if you care to!

Jonah with his team photo (poor kid is middle/front row.... he's practically glowing. He is so pale-good thing he's so dang cute :)

I forgot to get a picture of Jonah with his trophy when Andy awarded them after the last game.... but here it is. Andy picked them out and I thought they were so cool, because it was flag football and the little player actually has flags flying off his belt. Cute :)

I can't believe how much Jonah improved over the 8 weeks he played. He became one of the main quarterbacks because he was really good at it. I guess a lot of the other kids would drop the ball a lot or try to take off running instead of passing it off. But Jo was pretty good and passed it off really well. Good job my Jonah boy :)

And there's that good lookin' coach.... ;)

Here's Andy passing out the trophies and certificates to all the kids. He was such a great coach and all the parents told him how much their kid's liked him. I don't think he'll do it again though-it was too busy and with his work schedule it was too much.

One last team cheer- "GOOOOOO SHARKS!!!"

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