Sunday, November 7, 2010

Announcing... Our Baby BOY!

Magnus Robert Collette

Born: November 1, 2010

Time: 2:41 PM

Weight: 9 lbs. 6 oz.

Length: 21 1/2 inches

So, I've been enjoying my baby (as well as my mom being here!) too much this past week to bother with much of anything else. I mean-look at him. Couldn't you just devour those cheeks?! But that means that I have SO much to catch up.



And I will. But not yet. I have a baby to go snuggle....

But before I do that, I wanted to announce the winner of the "Guess the Sex, Weight, and Length of my Baby" game. It is:

Elena Porter! My dear cousin-in-law. Great job Elena! I'll be mailing you your prize this week!

And one more thing...I promise I will be catching up soon and I will be sharing every (well, pretty much ;) detail of my labor and delivery because I LOVE to hear labor and delivery stories, and I also want it in detail for myself so I will be sure to remember it completely.

Okay-ta-ta! I'm off to go gobble up that darling, snuggly, lovey baby boy!


Tara and David said...

It sure is a good thing that you guys make adorable kids...otherwise I might have told you to stop at 2. What a babe he is! So happy for you and that he is doing great and also that your momma is there!!

Chillygator said...


Dan said...

Felicidades! Hope he treats you well! I love the name Magnus.

Shana Smith said...

Oh he is a buddy! What a handsome little dude! Congrats I am very excited that he is here safe and sound! I love hearing details about the birth, labor and delivery is the BEST part of the entire experience! Cant wait, but get some sleep while your momma is in town!!

Drea said...

YEA!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! He is beautiful! Enjoy every second!

Jenny said...

Congratulations!!! He is darling!

Mrs.Spy said...

Oh Sarah--- he is so totally YUMMY!!!
Please please please post lots of pictures for those of us who wish were could kiss his little foreheads and wiggle his little toes.
Love you!!!!
PS Matt says Andy needs to fly in for the annual Turkey Bowl this year because he and Jared are not able to tease Parker enough without Andy's help.

Amber Kei said...

Congratulations, Sarah & Andy!! We are so happy for you. I sure hope you get in lots of holding. I'm pretty sure Paige was that small once. :) Rest up, Mommy!
P.S. Way to go, Elena!

Becca and Brian said...

Oh he is so darn cute i JUST want to kiss those cute little cheeks! Congratulations! When u get tired of his snuggles please call me to chat! in the mean time I need your address to send you all my projects i've made for that cute baby!

Emily Horrocks said...

what a precious babe! i'm so jealous!

Most Happy Girl said...

What a doll! Are you calling him Magnus or Robert? Or do you have a nickname for him already?

Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

YEAH!!! HE is studly! I don't blame you for a second I would be enjoying all the snuggle time you can! Can't wait to hear all the details and glad that he is here safe and sound.

Armstrong said...

Congrats! I am so excited HE is finally here! He is adorable and looks just perfect. I love his name and hope you have fun doing lots of snuggle time with him. Can't wait for the stories.