Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Week With My Mom

This was Halloween on Sunday night. My mom has a family Halloween party every year with all her kids, grandkids and also my grandmas. It is so much fun and I looked forward to it every year. Well, we missed it this year of course, so my mom brought some of the games they played and played them with all of my kids. Needless to say they loved it and played them the whole week my mom was here. My mom is great :)

The week my mom was here was so much fun, so wonderful, and of course-went by WAY too fast. We had a lot of fun. We stayed up late chatting every night, she made amazing dinners every night (my mom is a terrific cook), she helped SO much with the housework and kids and they loved every second she was here. We went shopping a couple of the days and also, for her birthday, (which was back in September) we went to lunch and also went and got pedicures while the kiddos stayed home with Andrew. It was so much fun and I was very sad when it was time for her to go home. I know the kids were too, especially Baron who doesn't understand where grandma disappeared to and asked for several days, "Where my grandma go?" and when I tried to explain that she went back to her house in Utah he would just say "Why?!" Kind of like "Why would she choose to leave us??" Haha. Thanks for everything mom-you are the greatest and I sure love and miss you a lot. I can't wait for April when you come back!

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The Casper Clan said...

Sarah, So fun!! So question.... I noticed from this post that I think we have the same black kitchen table. I have 2 probs with it and I was wondering what (if anything) you do about it. First, I feel like it always looks greasy. No matter how much I wipe it down, it always shows fingerprints and looks gross. Also, it has those grooves that tend to catch pieces of gunky food. Does that happen to you and if so, do you do anything about it? I am a little OCD and so it bugs the crap out of me. Anyways, sorry for the rant!! LOL!