Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Daphne's preschool class had a pumpkin patch field trip to a cute little local farm. Andy had the day off work because I was not feeling so hot (38 weeks pregnant and tromping around a farm and going on a bumpy hayride? I think not ;) and he went with Daphne and Bear went along too.He said they had so much fun running around and playing at the farm and going on a hay ride and picking out pumpkins in the field.

Do you think they could have fit one more person on the hayride?? :) Glad I wasn't there.

Daphne with her cute friend Peyton

They had a lot of farm animals there and they got to feed the chickens

Bear loved the baby cows the most and Andy said he just sat and pet this one for about 10 minutes

They got to play in the hay that was stacked up in the barn. Daphne said that was her favorite part.

Run across the bridge!

Daphne's preschool class. She's on the far left

Sitting on her pumpkin she picked all by herself in the pumpkin patch!

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