Sunday, December 19, 2010


In my previous post I mentioned how Andrew's parents flew out from Utah for Magnus' baby blessing. We had SO much fun on their quick trip here. Here's what we squeezed into 2 days...

They were actually here for 3, but they got here late late Saturday night and then Sunday we spent the day at home obviously. On Monday it snowed about one billionth of an inch, but since it never snows here and our city has one snow plow (that they probably share with the next city over), schools had a 2 hour delay of opening. If it snows more than an inch the whole town shuts down. I am SO not used to it yet and it is really crazy to me being from Utah and all. Diane and I had a good laugh about it while I was getting the kids ready for school after we looked out and saw the skiff of snow across the lawn and heard that school would have a late opening.

We got the kids off to school and Andy got home from an early meeting he'd had and then we decided to show them around our cute little town. After that we picked up Daphne from preschool and went shopping and also got lunch. We headed home to meet the other 2 kids getting off the bus. We played around for awhile, took some quick power naps and then headed to Red Robin for dinner.
Jeff (my father-in-law) next to lady liberty :)
We had a fun, yummy dinner-complete with balloons ;) Then we headed home for a little more playing and some bedtime stories

The next day Jeff and Diane headed out early to go do some sightseeing in DC. We decided to meet them there a little later because I had some things I had to get done and Andy had another meeting. After lunch we went and got the older two kids out of school early and drove up to DC and met Jeff and Diane at Union Station. We got some treats and then left to head to the DC temple to see the lights and nativityThis is after I bundled up M to go out into the FREEZING COLD. It was like 17 degrees that night.

I absolutely love the DC temple. It is one of my favorites and their Visitors Center is wonderful. We had so much fun watching some movies, seeing beautiful nativity's from all over the world, talking to 2 sister missionaries from Utah, looking at all of the lovely Christmas trees and finally looking at the lights for about 5 minutes and jumping back into the car before we got frostbite.
Baron is hiding his face with his Jesus picture. That kid is seriously cracking me up all the time lately

On the way home we picked up Krispy Kreme and when we got there we had hot chocolate and donuts. YUM!

We had to say our goodbye's that night because Jeff and Diane's flight took off at 6 AM, so they had to leave our house around 3:30 AM to make it.
We had so much fun and I am so glad they made it here for the blessing. The kids have missed having family nearby, especially grandparents who spoil and love unconditionally and who don't have to discipline. Grandma and Grandpa Collette ddin't disappoint. Grandma brought a little treat or toy to give every child each day that they were here, she played any game that was asked of her and helped me with the dishes :) Grandpa read stories, played nintendo, and wrestled around with the kids, who were in heaven. We miss you already grandma and grandpa! Come back to visit us soon, we love you!

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