Sunday, December 5, 2010


I am so glad I'm a hair stylist. I love doing it, the extra money is nice, and it's nice to be able to give my kids a haircut whenever they want one.

Daphne wanted to chop her hair a few weeks ago, so we did. Her hair looks so cute on her when it frames her cute little face.We cut off about 4-5 inches and stacked it very short in the back. I've already had a few adult women ask for her exact haircut. Pretty funny.

It's funny because I will give my kid's chocolate chips after I cut their hair so they'll be good and sit still. Sometimes they ask to have their hair cut just so they can have some chocolate chips. That's what Baron did here and was so happy when I was finishing up so that he could have his treat :)


Emily Horrocks said...

You guys all have the best hair. You need to teach the RS about how to cut a guy's hair. J maks me cut his, and it turns out so bad that he has to wear a baseball cap all the time.

Laney said...

I wish my stylist gave me chocolate chips ;) That's really awesome.

Ashlie said...

I love her hair!!! You do such a great job.