Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Week

We had a lot of fun the week before Christmas. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves...

We decorated a gingerbread house
(It was consumed within 4 days)

We decorated Christmas sugar cookies

Andrew helped me with the 65 Christmas cards we sent out

And we celebrated Christmas Eve with our cute little family of 7. It was a new and wonderful, although different, experience. It seemed really quiet the whole evening, even though the kids were excited and eager. I guess I'm just used to my whole, huge family on Christmas Eve-along with the noise and energy.
I had given Andrew a list of the items I would need for our Christmas Eve feast, along with our breakfast and dinner on Christmas day, to go and purchase at the grocery store. Instead of the chicken I had planned on roasting for our dinner, he came home with a duck. Yes, a duck. Now, I have really started to enjoy cooking lately and I have become more daring recently. I have started trying new recipes that I wouldn't have dared tackle before and I have been proud of myself and the progress I have made (this is coming from a lady who had never made a meal in her life when she got married-my husband cooked all of our food the first year of our marriage) but I was a little nervous about preparing and roasting a duck. I googled it and found a great website (thehungrymouse.com) that gave a step by step guide, along with pictures, on how to roast a duck. I followed it to a T and also prepared twice baked potatoes, glazed carrots, rolls, raspberry lemonade, and a lemon jello cake for dessert. It turned out fabulously, if I do say so myself. It was incredibley delicious and surprisingly, all of the kids loved it.
After dinner, we went out back and scattered our reindeer food We came in and had a little program where we read Luke 2 and we also watched a video about the Savior's birth. We talked about giving and service and we brought in our little baby Jesus that we had been taking care of all week. We had been filling up His manger with pieces of hay every time we did a secret service and when I brought it in to lay our baby in, it was full of hay. I was so proud of the kids for all of their secret service they had done during the week.

After that, we got to open a gift (new jammies, of course :)

Then we put out our cookies for Santa (oreos this year-we were too busy to make any!) and said our prayers...
snapped some pictures of mom and dad being silly as we cleaned up the kitchen...

checked online to see where Santa Clause was, realized he was in South America, and hurried to bed so he could come visit us!
And look! He came:

Next up-Christmas Day!

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