Saturday, October 15, 2011

Come In And Play!

Okay people. I gotta come clean. I have a confession, if you will.

I secretly play on my kids Webkinz accounts.


I hadn't even heard of these silly little creatures until about 3 years ago. Laylah asked for one for Christmas, and she got one. But she was old enough to play it herself, so I never really helped her or saw what it was all about. Then Jonah and eventually Daphne wanted one too. Once in awhile Andy would help them play if they had questions or needed something explained to them, and he started logging into their accounts and playing after they went to bed! I laughed and laughed at him and used to tease him that I was going to get him his very own Webkinz for his birthday.

Well, last Christmas, Bear decided he had to have one too. Now, he was only 2 at the time and definitely needed help playing. Basically, he would sit and watch and tell his "helper" what he would like them to do and what games he wanted them to play. Usually one of the kids would help him, but one day it was just me and him at home. He asked me to help him play his Webkinz. I obliged and oh my goodness. I wasn't prepared for how much fun it was! Andy came home from work that day and caught me playing on Webkinz World. He could not stop laughing at me. I was a little embarrassed. But not really... it is too fun for me to care that much :)

I started logging into my kids accounts at night to play and weren't they pleasantly surprised when the next time they logged in and found all this extra "kinzcash" that they had no idea where it came from?! You see, I was doing them a service. Yes, that's right, a service.

But seriously, it's fun. If you ever have the chance, play Pizza Parlor. That's my favorite.


Chillygator said...

I have a few childless adult friends who LOVE Webkinz. I keep hoping my niece or nephew will get one and need my "help" playing it as well. Actually, I think I know what I'm getting them for Christmas (o:

Tara and David said...

My kids have no idea what they are! Bad on me?