Monday, October 24, 2011

Just A Hodge Podge Modge Smodge

I was going through pictures on mine and Andy's iphones tonight and cleaning them out. There were just so many funny ones that didn't make the "blog" cut. So, without further adieu, I give you our life.... un-edited :)

Magnus is addicted to the TV. He tried to get as close as possible, as shown here in this photo where he tries to use Jonah as a step-stool.

And then we have just your average day.... you know, where your 2 younger siblings gang up on you, bind your hands and feet with the vacuum cord, and then attack you with vacuum cleaner attatchments.

And here we have Miss Kaylah (Laylah's American Girl Doll) riding her horse Blitz and holding her dog Pepper.

Of course, Kaylah got bored riding on a horse that didn't actually move, so Sadie got turned into her horse instead. Can't you just tell how much Sadie is loving it?!

And here we have my man and me on a lovely date night to the temple. We have really been trying to make it once a month, even though it is very difficult (it takes about 7 hours total) to have a babysitter for our 5 children for that long. But, since I have been able to leave M for that long for the last 5 months since he started solids, I am proud to say that I've been every month since June! And I love it. Go me.And yes, on this particular night, we almost ran over a turtle on the way home. It was huge, and we had to turn around and get it out of the street. It jumped and hissed and flipped out when Andy touched it. I was scared. Don't you think I have the right? Its eyes are glowing.
Oh yeah, and I did forget to mention (not really, I just didn't want to for obvious reasons) that I colored my hair again. Except way darker. And it was way ugly. This was the morning after I did it. I was snuggling with my boy.

Lucky for me it has faded quite a bit, but it is still very dark. I'm not quite sure what to do with it now.... I think I'm ready to be blonde again. Anyone care to share their opinion? Anyone...??

Laylah tried to get out of going to church one morning and decided to color a bunch of craft dots pink and stick them all over herself. She must have read THIS book one too many times. She told me she had the chicken pox.

She even remembered her feet!

But really, she wasn't trying to stay home. She actually loves church and learning and reading her scriptures. She's just hilarious, that one.

This boy is always telling me to take pictures of him. He's cute, so I oblige. Most of the time.

This kid is the messiest eater ever. Sometimes I strip him down after lunch and throw him in the sink because it's just so hard for me to carry him upstairs to the bath. Plus, he loves it and throws a fit when I try to take him out.

And of course, he makes a big, splashy, watery mess.

This guy is funny.

Especially at one o'clock in the morning when we really should be in bed, but for some reason we're just.... not?

Oh boy. I tried an experiment on Laylah to make curly hair like Taylor Swift. I really should have taken a picture of what it looked like before I took it out so that you would know what NOT to do. Unless you would like to have a 'fro. Then you should definitely do it.

Basically, I did a bunch of tiny pony-tails and twisted them up really tight so it looked like there were a bunch of corkscrews all over her head.

This is what it looked like after I took it out the next morning. Yeah, we won't be trying that again.

Family scripture study and family prayer. In my bed. I love it.

I love that Magnus adores Laylah and that she loves him like she's his mother. Here she is, trying to do homework, I was looking a recipe up on the computer, and Magnus was sitting at my feet throwing a fit because he wanted me to hold him. Sometimes, especially by the end of the day, I just can't. It hurts my back too much. So, he cries a lot around dinnertime. Anyway, Laylah picked that boy up, sat and held him, AND completed her homework with one hand (AND she was using glue and scissors. Did I mention with one hand?). I love her.

And once again, proof that my kid is a TV-a-holic. We rarely ever have it on, which is why I think he's so drawn to it when it IS on. Oh well, it's a great baby-sitter when I need it ;)

And there you have it. A hodge podge of pictures and regular day-to-day life here in the Collette household. I know, it's all so very exciting, right?!

Well, maybe not. But I love it anyway.


Tara and David said...

Love your family way too much!! Miss you guys way too much!!!

Amber Kei said...

What a sweet girl that Laylah is! I had that kind of a relationship with Chase. Probably the age - 8. Good for you for getting to the temple. I have been working extra hard on that too. I know it's not that far, but how does life get in the way! Thanks for the motivation to get working on my sitter for November!

Laney said...

Seriously SO cute! You have such a great fam. Lay is a doll. I also LOVE your color.

Becca and Brian said...

I love the dark hair it looks so good! I say keep it a while!

Armstrong said...

I LOVE everyday "stuff" when its all said and done. It takes moments like these to realize how great life is and how blessed we are. It's just too easy to pick the bad out of your days and not see all the little JOYS around us.

Oh, I like your hair blonde but you are adorable no matter what!