Friday, October 14, 2011

A Tradition Of Cookies

When I was a little girl, once a year my mom would make sugar cookies. (I'm sure she probably made them more than that, but I know it wasn't very often. We are a chocolate-chip-cookie-kind-of-family). It was always in October and they were giant, pumpkin shaped, lovely, delicious sugar cookies. I would come home from school on any given day in October, and there they would be sitting, on the counter. I remember the feeling of happiness I felt when she would tell me that I was able to have one of those whole, huge cookies to myself.

Many many years went by and I had children of my own. I remember mentioning to my mom this story and telling her that I would like to get a huge pumpkin cookie cutter just so I could recreate this fanciful memory and carry on the tradition for my children. A few days later my mom showed up at my house with said cookie cutter. A big, silver, pumpkin cookie cutter. I thanked her and put it in my drawer, only to be forgotten. I had 3 tiny kids after all, with a 4th on the way. I didn't have time to make sugar cookies for heaven sake! (I really did.... these are just the silly thoughts that go through my head).

Que to 4 years later, which would be now. Guess what? I finally got around to making those sugar cookies.

My kids were just as thrilled as I remember being. It made me happy :)


Ryan and Erin said...

Have you made your blog into a book? I just keep thinking as I read your posts how insightful you are. These are definitely treasures and you need to have a hard copy to keep forever. You are one great mommy!

Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

What a cute family tradition! Our family was the same, we only got them at Christmas time though (ha ha ha!)

Amber Kei said...

How fun! I'm making pumpkin sugar cokoies this week with my kids because Ben is out of town and I want something extra fun to entertain them! Thanks for the reminder to pick up some supplies!

Eric and Laura said...

You're such a great mom Sarah! I love getting to see you each summer when we both make it back to UT, & I love reading your blog!

Drea said...

That is so cool Sarah. I love starting traditions with my little family that I did with mine growing up...did that make sense? Anyway, I'm catching up on your blog and loving it!