Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Twas A Blustery Day

A couple weeks ago it was all of the sudden Fall, my favorite season. Hooray! The air smells amazing, the scenery is spectacular, and my house is comfy and cozy. I sure love it.

Anyway, a few Saturdays ago, it was drizzling and windy all day long. We were all in the mood for some comfort food. A steaming bowl of thick, chunky soup, some piping hot breadsticks, and a sweet treat for afterwards. I've been absolutely LOVING the website Our Best Bites. It has turned my cooking world onto it's head. My family has been raving about my meals since I've started using recipes from the website. I just really really like them. Plus, the girls who write it are hilarious, so, bonus.

We started out with the Baked Potato Soup. It was incredible, and super easy too.

Along with our soup we had to have some of these super easy made-from-scratch (I know!! ME!! Baking from SCRATCH! Incredible I tell ya!)Breadsticks. Perfect for dipping.

We topped off the night with some homemade donuts (Sinful!). Now, I actually got the idea from here and was planning on making that particular recipe. But when Andy found out my plan, he immediately vetoed that (he has something against a doughnut with fruit in it?) and requested (ever so sweetly) that I call and ask his mother for the recipe she used to use when he was a kid. So I did, and it turns out that the two recipes were nearly identicle (minus the cider). She also gave me different ideas for the toppings. Maple glaze, chocolate frosting, powdered, and cinnamon sugar.

They were super easy to make and soooooo gooooood. We all snuggled up in blankets with our hot cocoa with marshmellows and donuts and watched Free Willy on Netflix.

I think it's safe to say that the evening was perfect.

Oh wait, except for the kitchen after my day of cooking and baking. That was decidedly NOT perfect, but definitely worth it :)


Rachel said...

Oh, it's too bad you live so far away. I would be at your house right now, waiting for you to make something else decidedly delicious.
But really, thanks for making me super hungry and craving donuts...which I don't think I've ever had a homemade one.
It's nice to read your voice on your blog. :) And I think I'll check out that website.

Tara said...

Oh yummy! You made my mouth water! I have to try the soup. So glad your back!

Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

Okay, you win. I'll be making baked potato soup and breadsticks tonight for dinner totally against my will.

Yeah right. I can't wait! Love comfort food.

Karen said...

Oh that all looks so good! I want it all. Especially since it's SNOWING here today! (that's not excitement you hear in my voice...)

Laney said...

I LOVE OBB! Sounds like a scrumptious day. Please send some of the blusteryness to us. It's 87 degrees right now *soft crying*.

Drea said...

I LOVE Our Best Bites! Can't wait to try these recipes! So glad you had the perfect evening!