Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Day For Parents At SS Elementary

The day after I got home from Las Vegas was Parent's Day at my children's school. Could the timing have been more perfect? I think not.

I headed over there to spend a half hour in each of their classrooms and then I got to eat lunch with each one of them.

There was a check-in table when I arrived and I got a sticker and location for each of my children I was visiting. I was supposed to wear them the whole time I was there. I got many, many comments because I had (gasp!) THREE stickers on my shirt! I didn't dare tell them that in 2 years on I'll actually have FOUR kids in elementary school. Just call me Mrs. Duggar. I started in kindergarten with Daphne and we were able to work on a little art project together. I met her table friends and then we packed up for lunch.

We ate and then I got her a treat, an ice cream sandwich (seriously, the kids' school has ice cream available for purchase in the lunchroom. Whaaa..? Crazy to me)

I then headed over to 3rd grade to visit Laylah. We played a fun game in her class and all of her friends told her I was a "cool mom" because I actually scored a point for my team as opposed to most of the other parents visiting. Awesome, my life's mission is complete. 3rd graders think I'm cool :)

Ice cream for Layah as well, except not a sandwich. She chose a chocolate ice cream bar.

I headed over to 2nd grade last to meet up with Jonah. We got to play a game in there too, and it was fun to put a face to the name's of the kids he is always talking about.

Jonah and his best friend Jayden

Jonah chose a super sour ice cream treat in a cup. He didn't even have time to finish it (it really was SO sour. And nasty) and I took it home for him and saved it in the freezer.

I love going to my kids' school and being involved and getting to know their teachers and friends. Fun fun stuff.


Dave and Kristin Dirkmaat said...

Cute!!! what a fun mom you are!!! Were any of your kids spaced more than 2 years apart? My hubby is already talking about #5 and I haven't even had this one yet! I am afraid, I may loose my sanity! Let me know!hehehehe

Laney said...

How fun! I always loved when my parents came and Grandparents day. (BTW - Love your hair & top!)