Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Think To Thank

Ahhhh Fall. My favorite season, the best time of the year. It's time to wind down and start to take things slow. Life is coming to an end all around, getting ready to rest for a season before re-appearing and coming back to life in full. I am ready for the rest and will be ready for the new life to begin.

There were approximately 4 leaves left on my tree when this photo was taken. The next day we had a storm, and then it was naked. I love naked trees. It makes me eager and excited to see them in their full bloom and wonderment in only a few months from now. Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays. I love the hustle and bustle of the day, the incredible smells of food roasting and baking. All of this work done for one special day in celebration of Thankfulness.

We had our feast with our dear friends the Sharp's. We dressed up, and went all out on each and every dish. It was such an enjoyable day. It's so nice to sit back and reflect, reflect on the goodness of God and to realize the daily tender mercies He is always sending us. Little things, along with the big things. He gives and gives, even when we aren't paying attention, or are completely oblivious to the special things in our lives. It's nice to celebrate.
Our little indians and pilgrims putting on a show for us, and of course, Thanksgiving football in the background :)

It's nice to celebrate life, love, and happiness. It's even nice to celebrate times of trial, because without those trials, how would we know what true appreciation for the wonderful times is?

I am truly thankful. I am thankful to have a day of Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my God, my life, and my liberty. After all, life is good.

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