Sunday, December 4, 2011

Perfectly Fall

We spent the day at the National Zoo a few weeks ago. School was out (Election Day. A Tuesday. Random.) and we, along with a bunch of our friends decided to head up there. I had been to the zoo one other time when it was approximately 97 degrees and 100% humidity which combined equals out to be about a billion degrees, give or take a few. Factor in that I was about 10 weeks pregnant and feeling rather barfy, and you have quit the volatile combination there. It wasn't fun, and from that point on, I hated the DC Zoo.

Enter our little trip up there a few weeks ago. November 8th. Perfect 70 degrees. Animals out everywhere because of the wonderful weather that doesn't even require a jacket, yet you don't even break a sweat walking up those large hills. A perfectly perfect day to go. Oh wait.... I LOVE the DC Zoo! I just forgot for a minute.

Take a gander at our fabulous day...A pacing tiger.... or tigress? I don't know, I didn't look that close.

A prideful lion, claiming his lady...
These are his cast-offs, taking solace in one another.

Oh my, look at that creature. It's true what they say. Those bright colors sure do attract the ladies.

Hanging out

The orangutans had two homes and this rope system was high in the air between the two. They could climb to their hearts content and go between, from one to the other and back again.

This one decided to stop and play with his ice cubed treat. A zoo worker warned passerby's who might have been walking through the "splash" zone...

A good thing too, because shortly afterwards, he dropped his giant ice cube and it shattered everywhere. Right after that, he decided to relieve himself and peed and pooped. That's right, it dropped 20 feet from the sky above, but thankfully, we were not in the "splash" zone. I'm sure glad we listened to that zoo worker.

Finished with business and moving on to better things.

This wise old tortoise was 75 years old and was about as big as me.

This panda was quite rude and wouldn't even grace us with his face, but only his backside. Hmph.

Jonah and his reptillian obsession continues

Fun, fun day. If you come visit us, this could be you!! Tempting?

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