Friday, March 15, 2013

New Shoes Make Everything Better

Yesterday was kind of a weird day. Actually, it's been a weird week. I am used to being pretty busy and not having a lot of time to myself. We have a little lull in between my children's activities right now, so I have only been in the car half as much as I normally am.

Anyway, I have actually been *gasp!* a little bit bored this week! Add that to the beautiful sunshine and warmer weather, and I have just really wanted to get out of the house every day to do something. And let me just say that it wasn't so much a weird day, as it was a weird, abnormal night. Let me explain...

Well, yesterday I went to Target, and after I picked up the kids from school, we went to their grandma's house to play with cousins that are visiting from St. George for spring break. We had a blast playing outside in the beautiful weather.

After we got home and had dinner, I still had that itch to get out of the house and do something... sans kids. I guess a long winter will do that to me. I texted my sister Kaylie and asked her what she was doing that night. She responded that she and my mom were going to a Relief Society activity and invited me to come. So, I did. Andy had a basketball game that night, but he would get the kids to bed before he left and then go. So, I went and had fun with my mom and sister, and accidentally left my phone in the car. We chatted for awhile after the activity, so when I got in my car to go home around 9:30 and checked my phone, I had 5 missed calls from home and 2 texts from 2 different neighbors (who, thankfully, are good friends). One of the texts said that Laylah had called them, after I didn't answer my phone, saying she was scared, and worried about me, and thought I should have been home by now, etc, etc. So, my neighbor had texted to let me know that she was heading over to stay with Laylah until I got home.

Oh my goodness. I was so embarrassed! First of all, I felt like a little kid that was coming home after curfew. I felt like I was going to get grounded or something. Second of all, I was a little frustrated, but mostly really proud of Laylah. We have been leaving her home with the kids for several months, on occasion, when we go out, or on nights like last night, when both Andy and I have stuff going on. She is incredibly mature for her age, and knows how to call us, or a neighbor (obviously :) if she needs to. She also knows when to call 911 if there was an emergency. Plus, we always stay close to home, no more than 15 minutes away. Also, I'm not trying to brag when I say this, but we have really great, well-behaved children, and we trust them. Anyway, Andy was just down the street at our ward building (apparently she forgot to call him before the neighbor...?), but she has always done a great job babysitting, and we've never had a problem before.

Well, I guess last night, Jonah told her a scary story, and after they all went to bed, she couldn't fall asleep because she was scared. She kept watching the clock, and when I wasn't home by 9 (when I said I would be) she got worried. I'm proud that she called our neighbor, but like I said, embarrassed that I got caught out "past curfew". The kids have always gone to bed when we tell them to, and always been sound asleep when we get home, so I didn't think a half hour would make such a big difference. So, anyway... A happy ending to a rambling story.

Well, I needed some time to veg out after that, so Andy and I were watching a movie after finally getting Laylah to bed. I had kind of dozed off when I heard Magnus running down the stairs and jumping onto the couch yelling, "Hi Mommy!" He was wide awake and ready to play... Uhhh, what?! He is usually such a great sleeper, so I was a little thrown off by him waking up at 11:30, seemingly thinking it was morning. We let him stay up with us for a little bit, and after a snuggle, he went back to bed pretty easily. I kind of fell back to sleep on the couch when I was awakened again by another voice saying, "I just threw-up". Poor Jonah... He was sick, apparently. Luckily, he had made it to the bathroom and went back to bed after a hug. I dragged myself off the couch and went up to get ready for bed. I should have just slept on the couch downstairs, because for the next 3 hours, right before I would fall asleep, I was awakened by Jonah loudly throwing up in the bathroom, which is right next to our bedroom. Uuuggghhh.

So, it was a really long night. But, as I checked my email this morning, all my worries disappeared as I saw a confirmation email from DSW saying my new shoes I ordered would be shipping in just 2 days! I had completely forgotten that yesterday, I ordered a fabulous pair of shoes that were on clearance, plus I had 3 reward certificates AND free shipping. It made them practically free, so how was I supposed to pass that up?! And bonus, I have been looking for a pink pair of pumps for over a year. It was meant to be... Shoes just make everything better :)

Bring it on Friday!

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Emily H said...

"weird" is a good word for your week. Poor Laylah bein' scared and worried for you. That's really cool that you can leave the house for a little bit now. I don't think you should feel embarrassed! Could happen to anyone!