Monday, March 4, 2013

Vacation in Numbers

1- Super fun, amazing, wonderful trip to Disneyland!
26- the amount of my family members that came along on this awesome trip (14 kids, 12 adults)
14- how many times Baron asked me if he could buy a toy (I told him yes, but reminded him every time he asked that we would choose something at the end of our trip so we wouldn't have to carry it around the whole time)
21- total hours we traveled in the car going to and from California
17- miles I ran while we were on vacation because of the half I am training for
15- miles I walked around Disneland and California adventure in 3 days. This is in addition to running every morning. Yeah, my feet were sore.
9- the amount of times Laylah asked for some cotton candy. We finally got her some :)
2- amount of times my boys wet the bed at the hotel.... I guess they were a little tired
6- how many times I rode Indiana Jones (my favorite Disneyland ride :)
5- this is the amount of frozen lemonades our family consumed
90- degrees that it reached on Friday (86 and 79 the other two days.... LOVED IT!)
11- how many times our friends who were watching our dog found Sadie on our doorstep when they would let her out to go potty and she would run away
152- the amount of times Magnus yelled "Buzz Lightyear!" or "Mickey Mouse!" combined
65- degrees that the pool was and yet, my kids still went swimming in it. Crazy people.
40- dollars that it cost for 4 bowls of soup in Disneyland. Oi vey!
5- as in AM, which was the average time Magnus woke up every morning. He never does that at home, so I'm not quite sure what his deal was. Thank goodness for morning cartoons and a pillow I could put over my head.
12- loads of laundry that I need to do now that we're home
7- how many times we lost Jonah. One time he was missing for so long that we finally found security, and they found him for us. A nice worker had given him a Star Wars Mickey pin while he was waiting for us to pick him up, and he has worn it every day since. What can I say, that kid is just like me.... oblivious to things going on around him, especially when there are just too many awesome things to look at
6- how many days we were gone.  Could have used about 20 more days.... I hate coming home from vacation
245- the amount of times my kids exclaimed that a ride was "SO awesome!!"
24,986- the amount of times I took kids to the bathroom
So, have a gander at our fun time...

 The girls rode with my parents so we could drive our smaller (and more reliable) car
 We finally made it!


And sadly, time to go home...
A few highlights:
-the fact that my ENTIRE family was able to come. It was so much fun getting to spend time with everyone. Love my family.
-All of the shows at Disneyland, the fireworks, parades, and especially the World of Color at California Adventure
-Our hotel breakfast. We stayed at the Desert Palm Inn and Suites. It was a great place to wake up to and a great place to crash at night.
-Again, the fabulous weather. So beautiful.
-The fact that 4 out of 5 of my kids could go on every ride. I loved it! It was so much fun now that they are a little older and love to go on the bigger/better rides.
-I loved that my kids got to spend so much time with cousins. They are all such good friends and so close, and it made it that much more fun.
-My wonderful sisters. Kaylie and Suzanne aren't married, and they were just so sweet with my kids. They took them on rides, played with them in lines, carried them when they got tired, chased after them when they got lost and/or ran away (mostly Magnus....) and were just Super Aunties the whole week.
-The magic of Disneyland. I just love everything about it. They don't do anything halfway, and just go all out. Now that I have kids, it is especially evident to me just how wonderful of a place it is.
-Memories. So many wonderful memories. it was just such a great trip and I can't wait to do it again someday :)


Ashlie said...

Love the pictures! I love that place, it looks like you guys had a great time.

Emily H said...

I'm so jealous!! So cool to have the opportunity to go with so many cousins, too! Oh, the memories!

Sharon and John said...

Wow, so many fun memories! Love the pics.