Saturday, March 23, 2013

Racers, Start Your Engines!

Jonah has been in cub-scouts for several months now. I am experiencing several new "firsts" as a mother of said cub-scout. I remember going to my brother's award ceremonies and what-not when I was young, but that's about the extent of my experience with the scouting program.

You guys... It is crazy. We had the annual Pinewood Derby and let's just say that some people really get into it. It was a really fun night overall, and in his different heats, Jonah took 3rd, two 4ths, 5th, and 6th. Luckily he didn't mind, but he has a lot of ideas for next year to make his car (which he dubbed "The Flying Flame") much faster.

He received a design award for his car, and he was happy about that. And really, I just have to say that the whole thing is kind of silly, because what boy actually makes their own car?! None of them. We all know this is for the dads, c'mon.

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Amber Kei said...

How fun! We hit that this summer and I am excited for him/not sure how I feel for me. :)