Sunday, May 5, 2013

Baron's Angry Birds Party

Baron wanted an Angry Birds Birthday party, and we had a blast! Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to find a lot of fun ideas for decorations, goody bags, and games. Ohhhh, what did we ever do without Pinterest?!
Anyway, I found these invites on etsy. I purchased them, approved them, and printed them all on the same day.
I couldn't find big enough envelopes, so I used mailer envelopes, and put some colorful candy in with it.
I made this pinata out of a balloon and paper mache. It was time consuming, but very easy. I though it turned out great!
For the color scheme, I just used the colors of the birds (and pigs). Red, blue, yellow, and green. Very colorful and festive looking.
On the menu was mini pizza's (english muffins, pizza sauce, mozzerella, and mini pepperoni's. Super easy, in fact, Laylah made them and I baked them), strawberries, punch, cups of dirt with worms (oreos and gummies.... because birds eat worms, right?!), and chocolate cupcakes.

 I had a few activities for the party. We played Pin The Tail on the Angry Bird, Find The Golden Egg, had our faces painted with angry birds, broke open the King Pig pinata, and also had a real, life-size angry birds game.
 These are the birds for our life-size game.
 We also opened gifts and ate our yummy food.

 He found the Golden Egg!
 My sister Suzanne came and helped me with the face-painting.

 We sang Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.
 Bear received some very fun gifts.
 I was surprised how long my pinata held up. But once someone broke a hole in it, it was history.

 Pin the tail on the Angry Bird!
 And now for the hit of the party.... life size Angry Birds! It was so much fun. Andy made the slingshot, and we used moving boxes and kickball balls with bird faces on them for the rest.

 The party favors were my favorite. Plush Red Angry Birds with 2 golden eggs that had angry bird tattoos inside. They were also filled up with the pinata candy. I attached a note that said, "Thanks for crashing my party!"
 It turned out to be such a fun party, and the boys all had a blast.
And of course, the trampoline was a favorite with everyone while we waited for parents to come pick up their little angry bird boys.
Happy #5 Bear!
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Ashlie said...

WOW!! You are such an amazing mom! You did a fantastic job.