Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Break(Down)

We had such a fun spring break this year. I wanted to go to Las Vegas and stay with my sister, because we have all kinds of fun when we are together. But, it didn't work out this year, because for one, our kids were off different weeks for break. Lame.
So, I made the decision that we would do something fun every day, as a sort of mini staycation. Besides the kids playing with their friends every spare second that they possibly could, we had an outing every day. We went bowling and got ice cream with Grandma Claudia.
We had a donut breakfast another morning.

 The kids (minus M) also got to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa Collette, going to Nicklemania, out to lunch, and to Wheeler Farm.
We went swimming at the Murray Rec Center. It is one of the best pools ever. We have been coming here since Laylah was 3 years old, Jonah was 2, and Daphne was just a bitty baby. We have so many great memories here.

Frozen yogurt at TCBY. Mmmmmm.
Lots of yummy breakfasts at home, and trying new (delicious and successful) recipes.
 Like this stuffed french toast. It was amaaaaaaazing, if not horribly unhealthy. It took a lot of time to make, but was totally worht it. If it wasn't so full of sugar, I would make it more often. But, as it stands, this is probably a special occasion recipe that I only make once or twice a year. Click HERE if you are interested in the recipe. 
We had Laylah's first spring soccer game. A little chilly, but they won, so it was fun :)
We went down to Lehi at the Seven Peaks Fun Center (Grandma Claudia came along with us again) and the kids had the most fun playing laser tag. I know I am really going to love our Pass of all Passes that Santa brought us for Christmas. They have already been worth it.

 Afterwards we went to dinner at Cafe Rio, where it was an absolute madhouse and all of the sudden the whole week caught up with me and I almost freaked out on my kids who were really just being kids. But, we survived, as usual.
We had conference weekend too. All the kids got these awesome packets that the primary presidency put together. They all listened and did their packets, and I actually got to listen to almost all 4 sessions of conference. It was a conference miracle.
So, between Easter and Conference and all of the stuff in the middle, it was a pretty darn good week. I love it when that happens.

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