Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jonah Turns the Big 1-0!

 Jonah had a birthday which means I am now the mother of TWO tweens. Kinda crazy. But also fun and exciting.

Jonah's birthday was pretty nontraditional as far as our birthdays typically go. We did his big birthday breakfast with his choice of crepes and various fillings such as berries, nutella, whipped cream, powdered sugar, etc. He also chose bacon and juice.

 He opened one gift (clothes, pretty boring. Except we gave him a soccer shirt, so he was pretty excited and changed right into it. This kid lives, eats, and breathes soccer.)

I had to go to work a little later so Jonah opened his gifts that night as soon as I got home.  You see, we were planning on having his birthday party with his friends that evening, but one of his very best friends and he share the same birthday. Well, his friend's mother and I had talked about doing a joint birthday party, but they are a couple years apart, so they only have a few friends in common. We just opted for separate parties and his friend Bentley's held his party on their birthday. Jonah was okay with that so we decided to do his birthday party the next weekend. Since the party was most of the evening, we decided to do his family party the next day at my parents house. ANYWAY. Point is, he opened the gifts from Andy and me when I got home from work.

 He was very excited to receive a lava lamp (he's been asking for one forever!), some of his very own tools, some pokemon cards, and a new Razor scooter. We had another gift for him, but my parents went in on it with us, so he had to wait until the next day at his family party to open it. He had a blast at Bentley's party that evening and the next day after church we headed to my parent's house for a party.

He wanted a black and white cake so I found THIS recipe and made it. It was delish.

We sang him a Happy Birthday tune and he pretended to blow out some candles (I have really dropped the ball on birthday cake candles lately! oh well, at least he was able to blow some out on his crepes the morning of his birthday :)

Jonah got some money from his great-grandparents and his aunts and uncles. 

Here is the long-awaited gift...

It was a pokemon game for his DS that is no longer in production and basically impossible to find. I had told him there was no way we could get it for him for his birthday because it is SO expensive (it is now considered a collector's item). Well, I found a nearly-new but used one on ebay and struck a deal with the seller. I don't know why I feel the need to get my kids exactly what they want for their birthdays, but I do. This was all Jonah had really asked for and I wanted to deliver. I loved seeing the joy and happiness on his face. He was so surprised and happy, especially because he has wanted this game for about 2 years now. 

One happy boy!

Good thing Papa and Grandma were willing to go in on it with me!

Later that evening after his party was over we headed to Andy's parents house where they gave him his gift (more money! That kid is rich!)

I love this boy soooo much! SO happy that he is mine.

And now, Jonah at 10:
 I'm not sure where to even start with this kid. He is so much like Andy sometimes and at other times they couldn't be more different. He is hilarious. He has such a funny sense of humor and he can make a joke in any situation (which can be inappropriate at times...) He is fairly easy-going, but has his moody days too. I love that he can take me from a bad mood to a laughing mood in a matter of seconds.

Jonah has so many sides to him. He loves his friends. He loves to be out playing and doing something all the time. I have hardly see him home this summer. There are only a couple friends his age in our neighborhood, but he doesn't care about age. He will play with anyone and include everyone. I love that about him. There is usually just a big pack of boys that hang out together varying form ages 6-11. They play games together, ride bikes together, and play sports together. They roam around the neighborhood and don't mind if anyone joins them. I am so glad he has such a good group of friends. He also has a great group of school friends. Since he doesn't attend the school in our neighborhood that all the kids in our ward attend, he gets double the friends! (That's how I put a positive spin on it anyway... ;) I just love that he is so accepting and kind of everyone.

Jonah did really well in school last year. He improved so much in both academics and responsibility. I was really proud of him and how he kept up on everything himself. It was such a better year than the year before. He will be going into 5th grade and I can hardly believe it. He loves to read and he is great at science and math. He has some creative bones in his body and he loves to invent new things.

Jonah loves to eat. This kid eats SO MUCH! He eats more than I do most of the time. And then once in awhile he says he isn't hungry all day long. I figure it's just the way growth spurts work. But he isn't picky and he will eat pretty much anything. His favorites are pancakes, peanut butter sandwiches, pears, blueberries, pizza, broccoli, and any kind of meat. He is pretty average sized for his age, 50th percentile for height and weight. He has a low BMI and is pretty darn skinny. He only weighs more than Baron by 2 pounds. I keep wondering if Bear will pass him up. But Andy had a late growth spurt in high school and my pediatrician thinks Jonah will too. He figures Jonah will end up 6'2'' or 6'3'' like Andy. We'll see.

Jonah loves all things pokemon. He has been obsessed for a few years. He reads the comics, watches the cartoon, collects the card, has DS games, and basically would live in Pokemon world if he could. He loves electronics and loves the wii, his DS, and computer games. Luckily he also loves sports. Like I mentioned above, the boy lives, eats, and breathes soccer. He usually has a soccer ball with him whenever he is outside. He is constantly kicking a ball in the house (I have told him a million times not too) and practicing wherever he goes. I love that he is so into it. He made the competition team this year and he is getting really good. They recently had a tournament and he scored more than half of their goals over the entire 3-day tourney.  I hope he sticks with it so he can play in high school. He also likes basketball and football. But right now he says he only wants to play soccer so I don't know that he will be doing any other sports this year.

Jonah also has other interests. He loves to ride his bike and rollerblade. He loves to go with friends down to the pond and catch crawdads. He also likes to walk to the corner convenience store and get a treat. He is just an easy-going and simple kid and I love that about him. He is such a great big brother. He is a good kid. For the most part he just does what I ask (for the MOST part. He is a kid after all and sometimes he has a fit about doing chores and stuff like that) and he helps when I need him to (again, for the most part ;). I love him so much.

Happy Birthday Jonah!

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