Monday, August 4, 2014

And That's That

Oh, what a day. I was officially released from my Young Women's calling today and it has been so incredibly emotional for me. I never, ever thought I would be as sad as I am. I definitely knew I would miss the interaction with all of my fun girls, but I thought I would just feel relief because of all the duties involved. But all I feel is sadness.

This is us. 

Some girls are missing, unfortunately. But I am so glad all of the amazing leaders that I had the privilege of working with are in this somewhat out-of-focus photo. I have never known such incredible, dedicated ladies. I learned so much from this calling and I am happy to take that knowledge with me and move forward. I will miss Wednesday activities. I will miss random texts from my girls. I will miss planning fun things to do together. I will miss presidency meetings where we just couldn't stop laughing and talking. I will miss feeling the incredible spirit that I have only ever felt at Girl's Camp. I will just miss so much. I am grateful that I was trusted to help guide these choice spirits of our Heavenly Father. I will miss it so.


Most Happy Girl said...

I am currently the YW president in our ward, and I understand your feelings. I know that when I'm released, it will be bittersweet.

Sarah said...

Definitely! I'm glad I have someone who can relate!