Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lake Powell '14

 Ohhhh, Lake Powell. How I love thee. Our trip was only a month ago and the details are already hazy. We were only able to stay for 3 days because of work/school.... but the time we did spend there was pure heaven. I could live in Lake Powell. 

Also, I am a terrible picture taker. I have already established this, but I didn't get any kind of quality pictures. All of them are just random snapshots and I missed a ton of stuff and I didn't even get my dad in any photos for crying out loud! I am kind of ridiculous. But this is what I have to work with...
 On the way down everyone was completely entertained by their electronics. I gave my ipad to Magnus shortly after this and then he was head down too.

 Ahhhh, cousins! Only two of my siblings were there by the time our family arrived. Nate had already left to go home and Doug and Suzanne didn't come this time, so it was Kaylie and Rachel and her family and my parents. Such a fun time. The kids were in heaven.

KayBear and myself

We all hiked to the top of that massive sand hill in the background.  I have been hiking to the top of that same sand hill for as long as I can remember. But the water has never been down this low, so I don't ever remember the walk being quite this long...

At the top

The kids were troopers and even the 3 year-olds made it! I was very surprised.

Andy couldn't hike it because of his ankle, but we got an almost complete family photo.

Magnus adores my mom. 

Traditional dinner-time photo! I would love to compare these over the past few years and see how they have all changed.

Bonfire and s'mores on the beach

We tried to get almost all of my kids up skiing one day and none of them could do it. What's the deal?! I guess they don't take after me in that department at all... Magnus was tired of watching them.

After many failed skiing attempts we pulled the tubes out.

And of course, we had to go and get ice cream at the marina.

Jonah brought his fishing gear along that he received for his birthday last year and he caught 4 fish! We cooked one because it died. It wasn't very good.

Movie time

Two little hoodlums on the back of the boat

Baron had a go with the fishing pole and he caught one too!

On our last day we had a fun time going up some canyons and finding places to swim and cliff jump where it wasn't  so rough. The water was crazy though! The boat didn't stay in one place for long.

And finally it was time to go. All the way back to the dock it was a crazy, rough, and wavy ride. It rocked all of the kiddos right to sleep.

 We hopped out of the boat and went and changed and headed home. And I waved goodbye to my favorite place on earth.

Another fun and successful Lake Powell trip down in the books. I will never get tired of coming here. Thanks Mom and Dad!


Lisa said...

Where did you guys go to? Bullfrog? We are headed down tomorrow? We have a houseboat rented and are planning on heading south with it to Iceberg canyon and further south if there aren't spots open. Cody has a map with possible spots marked on it that he researched on google earth. That sandhill looks fun. I haven't been to Powell with a houseboat since I was probably 14. We have been counting the days for months!

Sarah said...

Lisa, We were in Wahweap. I love Bullfrog too. I am so excited for you!! To will have so much fun. Lucky girl :)