Saturday, August 9, 2014


That title up there? That's me singing a happy tune! And that photo? That is me being one happy girl! We made it! Andy and I made it through summer semester! I could not be more happy that summer is coming to a close. I have never really liked the actual season (I despise being hot) but I knew this summer was going to be extremely challenging since about May.

It all started when Andy decided to take an EMT class. He needs medical experience for when he is ready to apply to his Master's program. The class would be M-F from 7 AM-12 PM for 2 1/2 months. On top of that, he took 8 credit hours (chem and trig--yuck) and on top of that he works graveyards M-F from 9 PM-4 AM. He was going to be one tired boy this summer. But, I knew he could do it and he did. He passed his EMT class and just needs to take the state boards. He passed both of his classes (probably not as good of grades as he would have liked, but he did it and can cross those classes off his list) and he still has his job, so apparently he is doing something right there, despite being exhausted 24/7. He is amazing.

On to me. I thought my classes would be a walk in the park. Oh, how wrong I was. Of course, starting a math class 3 weeks late isn't helpful at all. But I thought I would easily catch-up. Not so. I spent nearly every spare minute working on homework for that class all summer long. I literally turned it all in on the last day of class. It was also way harder than I expected it to be and spent many late nights studying and feeling confused and frustrated. And tired. But guess what? I pulled off a B! I was so dang happy about that little letter, I cannot even explain it. My other class was pretty easy, and I was able to get an A. On top of school, I worked all summer. on top of work, I was still in Young Women's and had Youth Conference and Girl's Camp and activities and meetings and lessons. I loved it and at the same time I resented it. Besides school, working, and YW, of course there are those 5 little people that live with Andy and me. Yes, our children. They had camps, soccer practice, horse-back rising lessons, sleepovers, parties to go to, friends to play with, and all sorts of kid stuff that just makes life crazy. Andy helped where he could (and so did Rachel and my mom and mother-in-law!) but the majority of it fell to me. Plus cooking, laundry, cleaning (of which I did basically none of this summer) and that my friends, is a busy, non-stop summer. I don't think I have ever wanted a summer to be over more than this summer. That is usually the opposite of how I feel, but I knew it would be hard. I am just so relieved that it's over! And that I survived!

It was hard to kind of leave the kids to themselves all summer long. I mean, Andy was here, but sleeping usually. The bigger kids took turns watching Magnus and they did a beautiful job all summer. We are planning on having a fun family day to celebrate how awesome they all are and for putting up with mine and Andy's busy-ness this summer. I mean, of course we did a lot of fun things, but it was just an over-all crazy/busy summer, and I felt bad that the kids had to entertain themselves for most of it. Oh well, Andy says it's good for them. I hope they don't hate me in years to come or fling it in my face when they are teens and tell me what a neglectful mother I was. Oh, the things I worry about... I guess the thing that is important is that we are all healthy, happy, and we survived.

School starts in less than 2 weeks for the kids and for fall semester for Andy and myself. I am currently doing the last big thing I need to cross of my list for summer. I started a CNA class (I have to be certified to apply for nursing school) and it ends in 2 weeks. It is a night class from 6-10 PM. I will be so happy to have that last little thing done. 

We are going on a super quick end-of-summer-trip to Bear Lake next weekend with my sister's family. It hasn't really sunk in yet that I don't have any homework to worry about (at least for another week and a half) but I will enjoy those 2 1/2 days SO much! I can't wait. And 2 days after that? It's Back To School.

So, just a little summer update from our neck of the woods. I have so much to blog about and catch-up on. Every time I thought about blogging this summer I would think of all the homework I needed to do and end up doing that instead. But, I have lots to update! Some fun (we did do a few fun things this summer ;) and less wordy (maybe? I am a talker) posts to come soon!


Ryan and Erin said...

You look so young. Aren't you supposed to have wrinkles after 5 kids? What skin products do you use? I've got to get me some of it!

Sarah said...

Oh my word, you're sweet. I honestly don't do much. I exfoliate with Philospophy's daily exfoliator and use their cleaner as well. I moisturize in the mornings with Oil of Olay for normal skin. I really think it's because I wear a lot of makeup, but we can pretend I really don't have any wrinkles ;)

Lisa said...

Wow Sarah. I don't know how you survived the summer. You must have rockstar children. Obviously you do, they take after their mother! Congrats on finishing summer semester and good luck on fall! As a man in my ward constantly tells me, this too shall pass. Drives me crazy in the moment, but before you know it, you'll be a nurse and school will be a memory. Love ya!

Sarah said...

Thanks Lisa!! They are pretty great kiddos. I am lucky. A lady in my ward always says, "The scriptures say that it came to pass. They don't say And it came to stay..." So, similar. It makes me chuckle every time. I know I'll reach my goal. But it is definitely a long, hard road.