Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Magna-Doodle!

 Well, my baby turned four years old on November 1st. I can't imagine not calling him my baby. The poor guy will probably be mortified when he's 18 and twice my size and I'm trying to still call him my baby. Too bad, so sad.

Anyway! We had us a little celebration. We had birthday pancakes, and opened a gift in the morning.

 That evening we headed to Cafe Rio because all Magnus wanted was a "Rio Quesadilla!" And that's what he had.

 Grandparents came over, he opened lots of presents, and we had cake and ice cream (A Mario cake, to be specific). It was a fun night celebrating this incredible boy and all that we adore about him.
 Being 4 is hard work! So is opening presents! He got games, toys, clothes, and a movie.

 Happy Birthday, my forever baby.

Magnus at age 4:

I mean, what can I even say? This child has had my heart from the very beginning. I knew he would be my last baby, so I basked in the newness of him and didn't take one second for granted. My other kids even accuse me of loving him "the most" on occasion. It is completely untrue, of course, but I can see why they might think it. Any parent will tell you that they love all of their kids equally, but in different ways and for different things. I love Magnus for being my baby and having the sweet, easy-going personality that he does. He definitely gets away with way more than any other kid did. He sleeps in my bed on occasion. I don't make him eat his vegetables. I give him way too many treats. He doesn't get in trouble as much as everyone else. He is, quite frankly, spoiled. And I don't care.

Like I mentioned, Magnus is very easy-going. His brain surgery changed that about him, but I can slowly see him coming back to himself. He plays quietly and happily by himself. He has quite and imagination and I love it. He can make a game out of anything. 

Mag loves to be outside. He loves to run and hide, jump on the tramp, ride his bike, and go for walks to play at the park. He adores Liam, his favorite cousin ever. He also loves to play with a couple girls in our neighborhood, but they are a little younger than him. He will play anything anyone tells him to. Laylah and Daphne love to have him be their "baby" or "student" and he will do whatever they tell him to. He adores his big brothers and is their little shadow when they play in the playroom with toys or play anything outside. 

Magnus has always been a picky eater and had a terrible gag reflex (which, now we know was due to his brain tumor). Even though his tumor is gone, he is even worse now. Nearly every kind of food makes him gag, except for bread/cereal products. Andy and I were just talking about getting him some eating therapy because he obviously cannot survive on bread alone, and it is getting to a point where that is all he wants to eat.

Magnus will start preschool this fall. I am having him assessed for a special needs program because we still don't know much about how his surgery will affect him cognitively. Down the road, we will know more but I want him to have every opportunity available to him now. He is a smart boy, but he has trouble remembering things and still has issues with his speech patterns. All of these things will hopefully be fixed in time.

We love our little M more than we could ever say. When your child is faced with mortality, it is interesting to see how you treat them afterwards. Of course, we still discipline Magnus, and he still has consequences when he does something wrong, but we do treat him differently now. Especially me. I shouldn't, but I do. I have always adored this baby of mine, but now I cherish him even more. He is one of the best and brightest spots in my life.

Happy Birthday, M.

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