Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Here We Go!

Well, we are driving to Disneyland! Andy and I have been planning this surprise trip for a couple months and now we are finally on our way for some much needed family time. We are currently driving through Mesquite. We spent the night in St. George and we will head to the beach to play in the waves when we arrive later today. I'm excited.

This past week was full of preparations, and trying to get my mile long to-do list finished. I was stressed to the max and cried several times in frustration. It was Valentine's Day, I was helping with Laylah's party/dance, we had to make Valentine's AND Valentine boxes, I had to finish a bunch of homework before we left, I had to do laundry, clean up the house, plus the three older kids have the science fair next week and we had to finish their projects/boards. It truly was a week from hell, all while we were trying to get ready for vacation. But we did it! We are on our way. 

I do have some studying to do while we drive. Speaking of which, I better get on that. More to come!

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