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October 2014

 October was a busy one! Magnus' treatments were in full swing, every morning, bright and early, 5 days a week. We still had plenty of fun throughout the month though! I absolutely adore October, it is by far one of my favorite months. This one was beautiful and more of an "Indian Summer' so I was able to enjoy it even more.

We spent one evening at Andy's mission president's house for a mission reunion. His house is absolutely incredible and the kids had so much fun on the human slingshot, zipline, rock-climbing wall, giant slide, and other fun things that they had to do. It was a fun night and I always enjoy talking to Andy's mission president and his wife. They are some of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met.

Just me and M, waiting for a therapy appointment :)

Rachel's birthday is October 4th, so I surprised her by waking her up SUPER early, taking her to breakfast, and having our college roomies meet us there. It was great conversation, and yummy food, two of the best things!

I was able to take Daphne and Baron to Cornbelly's with Daphne's soccer team to help chaperone. Originally Andy had planned on coming with me and Daph instead of Bear, but he wasn't feeling well, so Bear took his spot. I had never been there and it was SO much fun!

 We did all of the crazy activities, got lost in the corn maze, and ate a bunch of fried food. Definitely a good time ;)

Magnus begged Rachel to take him back to Discovery Gateway and since she is the sweetest person ever, she took him and Liam one day.

This is one morning after radiation therapy, just me and my boy having a little breakfast at the hospital cafeteria. Whenever we would have a therapy appointment shortly after radiation, we would just grab breakfast here. They had the most amazing berries and cream oatmeal.

One weekend Andy and I were invited, along with some other friends, to celebrate my dear friend Katrina's birthday. Her husband, Scott, had planned a surprise party for her. There were about 6 couples and Scott had rented out the Flowrider in Orem. It was so fun (and funny!) to watch everyone try it.

I did way better than I thought I would. I would love to learn to surf someday!

After Flowrider, we all went to dinner at Brio and then the husbands headed home to be with the their kids. The wives went to stay in a hotel for the night where we pampered each other with facials and nail-painting, drank gallons of coke with lime, ate lots of candy, and talked until the wee hours of the morning. A true Birthday Slumber Party. It was so much fun. 

The next morning we headed to Waffle Love and got waffles for breakfast. Sooooo yummy! It was a fabulous night, and so much fun to celebrate lovely Katrina turning 30.

Andy's sister, Terra, had put her mission papers in to go on a mission about 8 months ago, back in January or February. She got her mission call to Utica, New York mission and left in October. It was great to get to spend some time with her before she left. She had been living in Arkansas for a few years before her mission, so we hadn't lived by her for years. Our kids adore her, she is an amazing young lady.

I applied for nursing school in October. It was just for an LPN program, so I would need to go back to get my RN after this program, but I felt like it would be great to be able to make more money while finishing up my degree. Also, the program had a link with Weber State's RN program, and after completing the LPN program, Weber would accept me into their RN program. I worked my butt off to complete all of the requirements for the application including a ton of studying, taking a national test, meetings with directors, completing my CNA test for licensure,  taking a 1/2 day CPR certification course, and filling out tons of paperwork. Everything kept falling into place and I felt really great about it and was so excited. Out of about 100 applicants, I was selected for an interview, along with 33 other people. They would take 24 into the program, and I felt like I was a shoe-in with my experience. After my interview, I felt kind of uneasy about how it went. I felt like I might not get in, but I didn't know why. I found out a week later that I didn't get in. I was so angry at first and so frustrated that my plans hadn't worked out how I wanted. A few weeks later I found out that the school I had applied for had done away with their link to Weber State's RN program. It is extremely hard to get into a second year nursing school as an LPN, and all of the sudden I was relieved that I didn't get in. Heavenly Father blesses us with things we NEED and works in mysterious ways. Something I was so upset and frustrated about ended up working in my favor. Whew! It was a good experience though. So now I will apply for an RN program at the end of this year if everything continues to go as planned :)

My cute, cute kiddos! I love school pics.

Mag was in desperate need of a haircut with all of his hair coming out from radiation. We trimmed it very short and it really showed his scars and just how thin it was getting in the radiated areas.

Lucky Laylah was able to spend a week with her dear cousin Kathryn that lives in St. George. Even though these girls are 2.5 years apart, they are inseparable.  Cousin bonds are the best bonds.

There are 2 other families in our stake boundaries who have sons with cancer. It is both of their 5th and youngest child, and they are all boys. I was able to get together with these awesome cancer moms for a night out to dinner and discussion about everything cancer related. It is so therapeutic for me to talk to people who have been in my shoes! Even though all of our sons have different kinds of cancers, they are all brain cancers, and there are a lot of similarities in treatments. I have loved keeping in touch with them.

Laylah was invited to her first girl/boy party for Halloween! Crazy how grown-up she is getting. She said it was fun, but not really what she expected. She and her best friend Katie were hilarious when telling me how immature all of the boys were. 

Since becoming part of the "Cancer World", we have been introduced to many foundations that do incredible things for Cancer Kids. One of those is The Jessie Rees Foundation and they create JOY jars to help encourage kids in their battle against cancer. They send out these darling jars full of fun toys, games, and activities. I encourage you to check out the website. They are fully non-profit and do it all for cancer kids. They only run on donations and fundraisers. It is an incredible story how they came to be. Go check the out!

Magnus has received two Joy Jars in the mail so far (one for his birthday, and one for Christmas) and he absolutely loves them. They also do things for siblings and families. We are going to hold a fundraiser for the foundation come spring. I can't wait.

We got a family pass to Murray Rec Center several months ago and we love to go swimming in their indoor pool as a family. While Magnus was going through treatment, he couldn't swim, or even take a bath for that matter. He had a PICC line in his arm that couldn't get wet at all. We took the older four swimming one day while Rach watched Magnus. It is always fun to spend time with our older 4. They are such good kids, and the best of friends.

And that's a wrap for October Randomness! I will do Halloween in it's own post, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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