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November 2014 + Thanksgiving!

 November was a quieter month in regards to "stuff" going on. It was super busy with all of Magnus' treatments and therapy, but again, that will be it's own post.

We started out the month having the opportunity to attend my cousin Hanna's wedding. These cousins are my mom's brother's kids and they are some of my very favorite. I am way older than all of them, so I remember when each and every one of them were born and I used to babysit them when they came into town (they live in Oregon). I used to love going up to visit them and my Uncle Jim and Aunt Jill (who are sadly divorced now) were my absolute favorite aunt and uncle growing up.

Anyway, it was so much fun, and so crazy to see Hanna get married. I still think of her as a shy, little 4 year old who will barely whisper what she wants because she was so scared of everything :)
 The bridesmaids, Maddy (the younger sis) and Courtney (the older sis)

 All 5 sibs, beautiful bride Hanna in the middle (the boys, Hunter and Carson, are twins and could not be more different.) I just adore these kids like they were my own.

 This is my amazing Aunt Jill (not technically anymore, but I will always call her Aunt Jill :)

It was a lot of fun to have all of my family there (minus my two little sisters who came later to the wedding dinner)
Such a great night celebrating, laughing, visiting, and catching up. I loved every second. I adore my family and I just love weddings.

 Happy Couple! Welcome to our crazy family, Sean!

 This was the day of the Primary Program. I meant to take a photo f them right after church in their Sunday best, but sadly I forgot. I wanted to remember this year particularly because all 5 kids were in primary together this year. Andy and I got to sit by ourselves in the congregation and watch and be proud of our incredible kids. They all had parts and they all did wonderful jobs. We were worried that Magnus wouldn't say his part, but he did it perfectly and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. Everyone is just so happy at how far he has come.

 Had to be documented.... occasionally Magnus will request whatever it is that I am eating and I gladly oblige since he is so picky. It's weird though... he will say he loves it and eat it all and then the next day he will gag on it and say how yucky it is. This day he tried avocado toast and loved it. He has refused to try it ever since.

 This is in our Expedition aka The Beast (which has since surpassed over 200,000 miles!) I am so proud of this car! We got it when it had about 85,000 miles on it almost 12 years ago. It has been such a great car, I don't know if we can ever part with it!

 I debated on where to put this picture.... in the "Magnus' post that I will do someday, or in this post. But, here it is. This was M's End Of Treatment Party aka the We Did It party! We survived. Our family did it together. We fought along with Magnus and we all kicked cancer's butt. We had all of our family and some friends over for an ice cream party. It was a good night. I loved seeing everyone and everybody was able to sign a quilt that Andy's aunt made for us.

 Baron broke our family's streak of not getting a cavity for nearly 12 years. He is the first of my children to need a filling. Apparently it is really tiny and it's in between molars (from lack of flossing well). Still, I was annoyed. That stinker needs to take better care of those chompers!

Jonah played in a chess tournament and got 2nd place (out of 30 or something like that). What a smart little stinker.

A man with an apron on and a whisk in his hand. Perhaps one of the sexiest things ever.

This is one of my young women. I was her Secret Sister for an activity that the Relief Society teamed up with YW's to do.  It was so much fun. I love this girl so very much. Amy and I became very close while I was her leader and I am good friends with her mom. I adore her. She has a very special place in my heart because for her Young Women in Excellence project, she made the goal to become a volunteer at Primary Children's Hospital. She came with her mom to see Magnus while we were staying there and her heart was touched by all of the kids. She noticed the volunteers and her mom told me that on her way home she decided she wanted to do it. It is a very rigorous process and they leave a lot of the work up to you. You really have to want it. Most of the volunteers are college aged kids. Amy is one of the youngest they have at age 17. She is a busy high school senior but she still goes up there once a week to volunteer. She is amazing.

Andy's brother David plays basketball for Utah State University. Andy and the kids have had the opportunity to go to a few games and they say it is SO much fun. I can't ever go because of my school schedule, but I always watch them on TV. It is a lot of fun having a basketball star in the family ;)

Jonah and Uncle David

Baron was able to do a Thanksgiving simulation for school this year. He said it was really cool learning all about the pilgrims coming across the sea to the new world. On the last day, all of the parents come and bring food and dress up like Indians. The kids are the pilgrims, of course, and we all eat together and then play old-fashioned games.

Andy and I didn't do a great job of dressing up. It was a lot of fun anyway!

Laylah and Jonah participated in an after school activity called Creative Pursuits this year.  They each had teams and had to come up with a new idea for an educational game, make the game, and do a skit advertising for the game. Both Laylah and Jonah's teams made it to district (only 2 teams from each school were there.) Laylah's team ended up winning 1st place! And her best friends from our ward ended up winning 2nd! They both would move on to the state competition. Jonah's team took 3rd which meant they were the alternates should anyone have to bail out.

 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winners!

After the competition we took all of our kiddos out to eat for lunch and to celebrate. Jaime and I realized we were twinners. Red coat, striped blue and white shirts, jeans, and boots. Pretty funny :)

 All of the awesome competitors! Even though we don't go to the elementary school we are supposed to, it is so nice to live in such an awesome neighborhood with great kids who are all the best of friends.

One night my mom and sisters and I went to Gardner Village for Midnight Madness and we shopped for a long time until all of the stores were closed. I always, always have a fun time with my mom and sisters. I love them (as if you didn't know... ;)

Jonah was giving a speech in scouts at pack meeting about ice cream. It was pretty funny.

Twinners! We finally shaved M's head because his hair was just falling out in chunks. He has 4 very large bald spots due to the radiation therapy. It should grow back, but there is a slight chance it won't. Only time will tell. Until then, he doesn't mind it one bit. He loves looking like his daddy :)

I got new glasses and I could see again! Miracle!

I also got a new job to start getting some medical experience. I am a CNA on the weekends and I only work one day a week at the salon now. I was going to quit but I love it so much. it is a fun job and has awesome perks. But I love my new job too. It makes me very excited to become a nurse. Scrubs suit me, no? Hahaha

And then we celebrated Thanksgiving at my mom's house with dessert at Andy's parent's house. It was such a lovely, relaxing day. I am so thankful for so much, namely this little family of mine. 

And to end off that awesome month of November, I leave you with a crazy date night pic. 
We are awesome.

Hey, guess what?! It's Christmas month next!!

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