Friday, April 1, 2016

33 and Feeling Fine

My birthday this year was one of the best birthdays ever. I just had so much fun and I have so many people that showed me they love me and that feels pretty good.

We started out the day going to Cottonwood high school bright and early. The Cottonwood High kids said they wanted to see Magnus and have him participate in their Pep Rally assembly. It was so cute when we walked into their gym. Everyone saw Mag and just started cheering and yelling out his name. He had the biggest grin on his face. They welcomed us and then the SBO president said, "It's Magnus' mom's birthday, so we need to wish her a happy birthday!" And then the whole entire student body proceeded to sing Happy Birthday to me. I was a little shocked and taken off guard. Andy winked at me and I knew he had set the whole thing up. It was so cute. I jokingly curtsied and thanked them and then they started the assembly. Magnus handed out prizes to the kids and he was so excited to be back their with all of his big "friends".

After the assembly we took M to preschool and Andy took me to Ruby Snap. I wanted cookies this year over cake and I chose my favorites. Yummy.

My friends (those that could come) put together a lunch for me and we all met at Marcie's house. We got Italian Village take out and they all gave me the cutest gifts. So sweet of them. I love them all so much.
(Magnus took this photo)

That evening Andy had planned a little surprise for me. It was so much fun! He had asked a big group of our friends to dinner and then afterwards we went to Airborn, a trampoline warehouse park. It was the most fun ever! We spent an hour and a half there playing tag, doing flips, running the obstacle course, and everything else. We laughed so hard and it was just such a great birthday. I have so many funny videos, but we failed to take a photo there. I did get one at dinner at Tepenyaki, though.  

After jumping we went and got ice cream at Culver's. I love Andy for planning such a fun birthday for me. It was so great.

On Monday I got to do my annual birthday shopping and lunch with my mom. Every year I tell myself to take a picture and every year I forget. I did take a picture of my gifts though! My mom got me some makeup and these darling shoes and new wallet. I bought myself the purse, It was 90% off at Nordstrom Rack and probably the best deal I have ever gotten. It was originally $320 and I got it for $32! Sweet, huh?! We went to lunch at Citrus Grill and had delicious salmon and pizza. So good. 

I love 33 so far! Even with the trials we have already faced this year, I try to remember how great life is. I am lucky and blessed and happy. Happy Birthday to me :)

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