Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mighty Magnus Makes A Wish: Disembarking and Going Home

 We had to get up bright and early on our last day. I was actually awakened by a loud beeping noise and when I looked out our window I saw that we had arrived in Ft Lauderdale and the gangplank was being attached to the ship from the dock. It was a rainy and dreary day, perfect for our moods of having to leave our wonderful and fun vacation. We all got up and ready quickly to go eat breakfast in the dining room one last time.

We were all tired and sad to be leaving. At breakfast we reminded them of our happy game and about the long lines of traveling and being patient and waiting nicely. 

We headed back to our room for a final sweep and to grab all of our stuff. I quickly snapped some photos of our rooms because I didn't get any great ones from the trip. And I forgot to take a photo of the teeny tiny bathrooms and showers.
 It was so nice to have our rooms connected.

We also picked up our cute photos.

We headed back to the dining room to wait our turn to be called off the ship. 

 It took awhile, but we finally got off and went to find our luggage. Out of our ten bags we couldn't find one, so we had to search for it until we found it in the "untagged" areas. Our tag must have fallen off. I was glad we found it though because it was the bag with all of our souvenirs in it! We waited in a long line for customs and finally got outside to the cab line. We took a big van cab to the airport and since we were so early we had to wait a couple hours before we could check in to our flight. The kids didn't mind, they played their iPads for hours and never got bored. 

We were finally able to go check in to our flight, get our boarding passes, and check our bags, so we waited in another long line to do that. It was so nice to get rid of our heavy bags and just have our little carry-ons!
 Waiting in line...

 We had to wait to go through security as well, so we waited another hour and then finally headed through security and found our terminal. Since we were still pretty early for our flight we staked out all of the comfy chairs with chargers attached to them. Every time someone would leave one of the kids would run and grab it until we had a whole bank of chairs to ourselves. We got lunch and waited some more.

Finally I thought it should be time for us to board, but we still hadn't heard them call our flight. I went to see at the terminal and realized that everyone had boarded and they were about to close the door. We didn't hear it being called! I ran back and we hurry and grabbed everything and rushed to get on the plane. It was PACKED and there was literally not one seat together. As we walked down the rows I would just put a kid in any empty seat I could find. I didn't really want Magnus to be alone and this super nice guy moved so I could sit by him. So glad there are still thoughtful people in this world!

 We flew in to Chicago and had a very uneventful flight. Oh my goodness, those ipads that the kids got for Christmas were the best gift they could have ever gotten. Chicago was so pretty as we flew in, I couldn't help taking so many photos.

 We had a very short layover and actually had to rush to grab the kids some McDonald's, eat quickly, charge electronics, and hop on our next plane to go to Salt Lake. We were the last ones on again and it was packed, again. Andy was able to sit by Magnus, and Jonah and I were able to sit by each other as well. I made him trade with Laylah halfway through so Laylah and I could watch a movie together on my laptop. She doesn't have an ipad and her ipod died halfway through the flight.

We arrived in Salt Lake and had to wait a bit for our luggage to be unloaded. It was FREEZING outside!

 Someone was very sleepy from our long day of travel. Actually, everyone was tired. Andy's parent's picked us up and took us home. While it was nice to be home, we had the most amazing trip ever and such a wonderful time. We will never forget Mighty Magnus' Wish trip! 

Thank you, Make A Wish!!


Liz and Logan said...

I had so much fun reading all about your trip! I was sad when it ended too because that meant no more blog posts to entertain me =( So glad you all had such a wonderful time!

Amber Spencer said...

What an amazing trip! So happy that you all got to experience that together.