Friday, April 1, 2016

February Tid Bits

February was terrific. It is my birthday month, and Valentine's Day, and we went on Magnus' Make-A-Wish trip! It was a bit stressful, but everything came together (it always does) and everything worked out. There was one damper about February, but I'll talk about that later. 

Anyway, here is all of the normal, day to day stuff from February in this post...

I still do hair occasionally and really enjoy it. I did one of my friends, Katie's hair, in exchange for her watching Magnus when I went to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Her son, Beckham, and Magnus are BFF's. She lives in the house that Rachel used to live in down the street from me. they are in preschool together and are the cutest little friends. She had quite a big change going from super long to a lob and a few shades darker and warmer with a balayaged highlight.
So pretty!

Rachel ad baby #6 on Feb 3rd! Can you believe it? I can't. She has 5 little boys ages 9 and under! Add a spicy lil' gal in there and you've got yourself a busy household. I don't know how she does it. I mean, I had 5 kids ages 7 and under, but I hardly remember that. This just seems so overwhelming. Phew!

Baby Everett is soooo sweet. This was the day he was born

I went to visit her the next night and brought her some ice cream. We sat and talked and I snuggled this cutie.

The day after my birthday (which was soooo much fun! I'll post about it later) I did Kaylie's hair and make-up for her formal photos with her fiance.

Such a beauty!

My parents had my family to dinner for my birthday the Sunday after. Soon-to-be Uncle Bob was there (Kaylie was at work) and my kids adore him. He plays games with them all of the time.
Andy and Jonah having quite the intense chess tournament.

I did Kaylie's hair and makeup again for her bridal photos. Again, so beautiful!

This was the night before the elementary school Valentine's Day party (Friday), probably somewhere around 3 in the morning. Jonah and Daphne had science projects due that day because we were going out of town on Saturday and they had to turn them in before we left since they would be due while we were gone. Can I just tell you how much I DESPISE SCIENCE PROJECTS?!?? They are so worthless and stupid. Anyway, I had them type them all up, type up their reports, and help me cut everything out. Then it was late, so I sent them to bed and I assembled them in between packing and getting everything ready for Valentine's Day parties the next day (I was helping with Jonah's party-- more on that later)

Phew! Done! (Insert huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders.)

After a fun day at school (celebrating Valentine's Day) we had the kids come home and pack for our trip the next day and also clean the house. They were such great little troopers helping Andy and I get ready. I love my kids. 

Friday night we also went up to Deer Valley to have dinner with some very dear friends who were visiting for a ski trip from Virginia. They have three boys, one Daphne's age, one Baron's age, and one Magnus' age. We used to do a lot with the Archibald's while we lived there and we have kept in touch pretty regularly. We love them!
It was slightly stressful going up when we were leaving early the next day to go on Magnus' trip, but I wouldn't miss seeing them! It was so fun to catch-up and our kids just love each other. 

When we got home that night Andy and I were up late packing ourselves. I also had some school  assignments I had to complete before we left and I was up super late finishing those. By this time I had had about 10 hours of sleep total for the whole week and felt like a zombie. But I knew as soon as we got on that plane I would be stress free for a whole 8 days and all the craziness would be worth it. So exciting!!

Saturday morning we were up early (after about an hour and a half of sleep) to go to the Jordan River Temple the last day before it closed for 2 whole years for extensive renovations. My cute sister went through to receive her endowments in preparation to be married. I just love my Kaylie. I don't have a photo because right after the session I gave her a quick hug and we rushed home to leave on our trip, wahoo!! I can't even describe what an incredible trip it was. More on that later!

The day after we got back we jumped right back into life. These two cute brothers (and best friends, which I just love) had their baptism preview and priesthood preview. It was a very special night and they are both so excited for their birthdays.

Just another fun day at preschool learning about Tigers and the letter T!
This cute boy has my heart. I love his face.
I could just eat him up.

This toast was so good. It is my favorite right now. Whole grain toast, mashed avocado, sunflower seeds, and salt. Soooo good. And so good for you!

The weather in February after we got home was killer (the first half of February sucked, so we felt very lucky!) and we spent several days in a row going for walks/bike rides in the lovely sunshine.

The sad day came when these three musketeers had to be separated. Beckham's family moved to Boise for his dad's job.  We were sad to lose this cute family!

I had just started becoming good friends with Katie, and I had been her visiting teacher. So sad to lose them! We took her out for cheesecake the night before the big move.

Wedding shower season! My aunt threw a darling shower for Kaylie. We had an oatmeal bar with tons of toppings, cinnamon rolls, yummy drinks, and it was so good!

We also had a bachelorette party for Kaylie. Her friends threw it and it was soooo funny. They went all out. I won't go into detail, but we enjoyed ourselves. We went to dinner and a movie and came back to her friend Sierra's house for the funny stuff.
Lots of dancing transpired. Fun night celebrating my sister's last days of being single :)

I was on a spring cleaning kick for awhile. I got SO much stuff thrown away. This isn't even half of it. My expedition had all of the seats down and it was full to the ceiling. How do I collect so much crap?! It felt good to get rid of so much, but I still have more to go! I got a little overwhelmed with midterms and haven't gotten back into my spring cleaning mode yet, but school gets out in 3 weeks and then I'll be back at it.

A beautiful sunset to end a beautiful Leap Day and Febraury. What a great month.

Oh! Minus one little detail. Andy lost his job at the beginning of the month. It was the weirdest thing. His boss just emailed him one day and said to not come back to work because he was filing for bankruptcy at his lawyer's recommendation. We were completely thrown for a loop. However, while it is a hard and frustrating thing, I am trying to have faith that everything happens for a reason. We have been down this road (way too) many times before and we are trying to remain positive. After 2 months of no work and no prospects, I am wondering if I should go get my old job back. We have been to the temple many times and now I am just waiting for school to end to see what we feel best about doing. We shall see. Life is crazy. I am just trying my best to enjoy the ride. 

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