Monday, April 4, 2016

Mighty Magnus Makes A Wish: At Sea

 Monday morning dawned and we were smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We actually slept in fairly late. I think everything had just caught up to all of us and the exhaustion from the last few days took its toll. But after a great night's sleep we got up and headed to breakfast. We ate in the dining room and it was deliciously amazing. We had several people come over (mostly older folk) and ask if all of the children were ours. They were usually amazed when we answered yes (as if we would just pick up some stray children and have them eat breakfast with us ;) and they always commented on how well behaved and well-mannered they were. So nice to hear, as their mom!

After breakfast I headed to the gym, the kids all headed to the kids club, and Andy headed to a 3 on 3 men's basketball tournament (which he ended up taking first place!)

We all met up at the pool after that. Many ice cream cones were consumed...
 Magnus just LOVES to swim.

 Laylah with one of her new friends, Julia.

 Andy participated in the Sexiest Man Contest. I got lots of great video. It was very funny and entertaining. While we were watching, somehow Magnus wandered away and none of us noticed (whoops) and the announcer came on the speaker and said, "Can the parents of Magnus Collette please come claim him at the pool bar?" Andy was in the middle of performing, but ran over and grabbed him and brought him to me in the crowd. He was sad and had tears on his face. I felt terrible and promised I would not lose him again!
 All of the men waiting to compete

After we were tired of swimming we took the kids back to the cabin for some down time before we had to get ready for our dining time. It was a formal dinner night, so we got all gussied up and took a few photos before heading to our first night in the dining room. We met our amazing waitress for the week (Nadie) and had an amazing dinner together. It was a new experience for the kids having to be very proper and formal. I loved it though, they were all on their best behavior. 
 This is a picture of a picture. It is one of the professional photos that the ship takes. I love it. That was also part of our Make-A-Wish package from Royal Caribbean. They gave us 3 free 8x10 photos that they take. Considering how expensive they are, I was thrilled with that offer. 

After heading back to our room to change, we found our towel animals made by our room attendant. The kids thought they were SO funny and literally could not stop laughing. I think Laylah even peed her pants, she was laughing so hard. I don't know why they thought they were so funny, but I thought it was sure funny watching the kids laugh. They must have just been in one of THOSE moods ;)

 Another one of Magnus' special treatments was reserved front row seats to some of the shows in the Metropolis Theater. We saw now and Forever, a Broadway type show. It was entertaining, but a little risque with the costumes and dances. I liked it, but Baron wasn't a fan. He scowled through most of it.
 See Bear to the left of Laylah? Slouched down in his seat? Already pouting before it even began, ha!

 I snuck one photo at the end.

After the show the kids wanted to go back to the kids clubs. Andy and I took advantage and went to a late Valentine's Dinner at Johnny Rockets. We shared a burger and fries and got milkshakes. We saw Laylah outside with her friends on the deck and kept waving at her and blowing her kisses, basically trying to embarrass her ;) She later told us that her new friends said we looked like cool parents and seemed really funny. Score, haha! This whole teenager thing is completely new waters for us. I am so glad Laylah isn't embarrassed of us quite yet!

 After picking up the kids from the kids club we headed back to our cabin and got everyone ready for bed. Jonah lost a tooth (the Tooth Fairy would have to come back out into the ocean! What is the deal with these kids?! ha!) and finally when they were all asleep Andy and I watched a movie on the laptop. Both Daphne and Magnus woke up while we were watching and complained of feeling seasick. I gave them some meclizene (sea sick pills) and they both said it helped them feel better and we didn't have any more incidents that night. We slept well with the ship gently rocking us to sleep that night. It was a full and fun day at sea!

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Liz and Logan said...

It sounds like an amazing trip so far! My family went on the Navigator of the Seas and LOVED it! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip so don't go too long between posts! ;)