Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

 We had such a crazy and fun Valentine's Day this year. We spent the week preparing Valentine's boxes and we almost always do a homemade Valentine. I forgot to take a close-up, but it is an arrow (you can see in tho photo below) with an airhead taped on and says "I like where you're "Headed" Valentine!" We had to make about 90 for all of the kids doing Valentine Day exchanges (thankfully Laylah is done with that, phew!) and it took awhile to get them all done.

Jonah and Daphne both had to make a box this year. 

Since we were going out of town on Saturday, I did our annual Valentine's Day breakfast on Friday before school. It was fun. Both mine and Andy's parents gave the kid's treats, Andy and I got them some treats, and a few little gifts and notes in their mailboxes. 

 They got new earbuds and swimming suits for our trip.
 We had bacon, eggs, cinnaon rolls, bananas, and chocolate milk. I love this silly holiday. And I love showing my family how much I LOVE them!

 Daphne's unicorn box won 1st place in all of fourth grade! 

I got to go help with the traditional 6th grade Sock Hop. It is so cute and funny and awkward. I love it.

This is Zoey. Jonah swears he doesn't like her, but they are good friends and cute together.

Jay and Jo

Jonah won 3rd place in the limbo contest!
 Josh and Jo, BFF's

 Magnus had his first Valentine's Party and was so excited about all of the fun things he received.

Cupid didn't come since we were out of town on Valentine's Day, but he came a month later on March 14th with a note saying he was sorry for the tardiness, ice cream for all, and a note saying we would have a family movie night. Better late than never!

Since we were on the cruise over Valentine's Day and I had already given Andy his gift on the morning of our breakfast, I didn't think we would do anything. But Andy had other plans. He took me to a fun restaurant on our cruise ship and gave me a gift. It was a Go Pro! Perfect for our trip!

It was such a fun holiday, and Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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