Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Beast- Take 2

Well, this is my car aka The Beast. We bought it 6 years ago when Laylah was a little 6 month old and I had just found out that I was pregnant with Jonah. I complained to Andy that, what with my back troubles (yes, I had back pain even back then!) that I would have a hard time getting Laylah in and out of our Maxima that we had at the time. I told him it would require too much bending, stooping, and in general, pain. He told me that there was no way we could afford another car and that I would just have to deal with it, and that he was sorry.
Well, I wasn't about to give up. I searched and searched and found this car at an amazing deal. I called up Andy and told him about it and just begged him to go take a peek at it. He obliged, just thinking he would do it so I would leave him alone. He did it with every intention of saying "no", that he didn't like the car, etc. etc.
Well, needless to say- he loved the car, just like I knew he would. I always find a way to get MY way :) And honestly, we got an amazing deal. So, we bought it. That very day. And I was in love with it. For about 5 years. The past year.... not so much.
Well, I've recently been begging for a new car. I want one. This was 6 years old when we bought it, add the 6 years we've had it, and what do you get?? That's right... 12 years old this car is!! And I never pay attention to mileage and stuff like that, but I just happened to notice that our car has a lot of miles on it:
Well anyway, it groans at me. It kind of sounds like it's growling actually. It scares me sometimes. It's weird. And sometimes the lights in the car will switch on and off really fast. The kids think it's funny. And once in awhile the gages go all wacky, and then hot air will blow when the a/c is supposed to be running. It thinks it's pretty tricky.
Well, thinking back, it has truly been an amazing car for our family, and we will never sell it. Even when we get a new one, we'll keep it to play in. Anyway, after noticing the mileage, it got me to thinking. How am I going to get this thing all the way across the country, when we move? I don't really know if it will make it. Andy assures me it will. It's Super Car. Hmmmmm........
Well-back to my original point- my vote is to just get a new car and tow this one behind the moving van :)
Who's with me??


SamandJasonfamily said...

My vote is New car. Fords only live so long. I had an explorer and it lasted the 6 years too, then things started happening. It was getting old, we traded it in before it was too late. Go with the new car!

Joanie said...

I still love our Expedition....I never want to give it up. It's old, has some aches and pains but I want her to stick around a little longer. Having said that, I do love our Honda Odyssey. A very nice car. Good luck with that's a tough one :)

Becca and Brian said...

HAHAHA! Keep wishing maybe it will come true!