Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What are Big Sisters For?

Bear was having such a hard time the other day. He has 4 teeth coming in, and he followed me around almost the entire day, whining. I was trying to get some cleaning done and finally I told him in a loud voice (because I never yell ;) to go to his room and leave me alone. Laylah had just gotten home from school, and she sweetly told him to come to her. He ran into her arms sobbing and she picked him up and carried him (more like dragged.... she is one strong little girl!) up to his room where she got his blanky and binky for him. She then brought him back down to the family room and turned on a cartoon for him and put her cute little arm around him and held him tight. And there they sat. For over an hour. Oh, how I love my kids.


Amber Kei said...

What a sweet big sister! Trent told me the other day that he wants a big sister...um, a little late on that. He's probably jealous of your boys! :)

Tara and David said...

How cute...Lance is starting to do that with Shad...makes your heart melt.

Brittany said...

That is the sweetest thing ever!