Wednesday, November 11, 2009


One ragamuffin
Also: Two mischevious ruffians at my dinner table, with some serious lack of manners

Oh, and one more stooge on my kitchen floor (who has a bloody nose from falling out of his booster seat, which is making me ill to look at)

Will the responsible party (aka "dad") please come forward to claim your property before the warden (aka "mom") disposes of them. Oh, and please stop working so late- we miss you!


Becca and Brian said...

hahaha Your funny Sarah!!! dont you hate those Darn Boosters!

Corrine said...

LOL!!! There are 4 more at my house. Where did they all come from?

And who's teaching them ANYTHING these days? This generation of parents, they just don't know nuttin'!!!

Anonymous said...
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