Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jabber Boy

I listen to and learn a lot of things every day. My kids like to talk (what kid doesn't?) Sometimes they go on and on and oooooooooonnnnn. Sometimes I want to plug my ears, but I guess that wouldn't be such a great example. So I just listen and nod and smile and say "uh-huh" and "Oh really?" and so on.

Well, yesterday I heard about a lot of things from Jonah (he's my personal chatter box)- including (but not limited to):

- Jonah's new friend Mario who can't speak very well, and he's really shy and he doesn't ever want his mom to leave him at school, and when she does he cries.

-How boring school is even though he likes his teacher, and his friends, especially Bella.

-How Bella is his best girlfriend ever, and he will marry her someday, even if we move far away and he can't see her anymore, he'll come back for her and he'll marry her, in the temple, oh yes he will.

-How he'd like me to teach him how to play the game Yahtzee and after telling me this several times, I finally teach him, and then I get to listen to how hard this game is, and why won't those dice just fall on the number they are supposed to, and why does he only get three rolls, he wants more, why is this game like this? It's dumb, he doesn't want to play anymore.

-What an excellent player he is on the Wii and watch mom, watch! Watch me beat this enemy tank and shoot it and watch me shoot this one, and what about that one? Oh look mom, look at my score, I am so good at this game mom, way better than anyone else, I am such a good tank shooter!

-How he wants to take a bath just so he can tryout some old goggles he found- no matter that it's the middle of the day, he wants to get in the bath and pretend to be a swimming guy who can see underwater. Can I get in the bath mom? Can I? Can I? Can I???

-How has a new game on it! Wow, a new Christmas game with Curious George! Mom, come watch me play this new game with Cruious George, it's a new Christmas game and you have to do this, and this, and this.....

-How much he loves his Papa Bry and when I took the girls to dance, Papa came over and he brought Jonah a quarter, and Jonah was watching the movie Holes, and he really wanted to put the quarter in his piggy bank, but he didn't want to miss any of the movie Holes, so he put it in his pocket and did I know that the movie Holes is so awesome, and there are tons and tons of lizards at the end, and one of them bites a lady in the movie, and she dies! Oh, and there's his quarter, in his pocket, right where he left it, he better go put that in his piggy bank before he loses it.

And then last night after Jonah got out of the bath he started to tell me about something again and I said "Jonah! You sure do talk a lot!" And without missing a beat he said "I know! That's because I have a lot to say! And I also have so many questions."

Then late last night he was scared and he came in my room and he was crying about how scared he was (probably from that stupid movie Holes) and I told him that if he said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help him sleep and not be scared, then he would feel better. So he did that. And you know what he told me this morning? He said "Mom, the prayer worked! I heard Heavenly Father say in my head 'It's okay Jonah, I'll stay with you so you can sleep' And he did! I wasn't scared at all and Heavenly Father was with me!"

I think that was my favorite thing to hear about :) Love that boy.


Travis and Cristan said...

I SO GET IT! Sometimes I can hardly hear my self because I am listening to my sweet little 3 year lod. I love that you documented probably onlt 1/4 of what was said-but still i loved it. You are so freaking funny and I just love Jo.

Chris and Amy Darton said...

Wow, that is so amazing and cute. I like what he said about marrying Bella :)

Amber Kei said...

Oh, man! I feel you today! I felt like I had to concentrate so hard on everything that kept coming out of Trenton's mouth today! Poor kid. I know he needs eye contact and encouragement, but sometimes it's hard! Oh, well. I'm glad you're a good mom, at least!

Becca and Brian said...

That is so sweet! Its so great that he likes to talk I hope he always likes to tell you everything! I'm sure you felt so great when he told you heavenly father would keep him save. Our little ones are so close to the spirit. How very sweet!

Corrine said...

Now that is adorable. I have a talker too, it's BELLA!!!! What a marriage they would have. I just love all the things they have to say. He is going to LOVE this when he gets a little older.

Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

That is so cute!