Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fairytale Friday

Some of you may remember my Fairytale Friday post about Laylah's kindergarten class last year. Well, now it was Jonah's turn. I was able to go help in his class a couple weeks ago and the fairytale I did was The Gingerbread Man. I read the story and thne we did the craft which was threading gingerbread men and then painting them with puff paint. It turned out so cute. I just love when I am able to go help out in my kids' classes.

I also love beoing a memeber of the PTO and getting to be involved with the school. This year I am in charge of the Birthday Table and teacher birthdays. I go once a month and pass out candy bars at lunchtime to the kids who have a birthday that month. I love it because all the kids come and give me hugs and it's fun to get to know my kids' friends and kids in the ward better. I'm going to miss the elementary school my kids attend, it has been a great school.

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