Sunday, August 8, 2010


I think kids are pretty funny. I really don't know where they come up with most of the stuff they say. My kids are no exception and I've been keeping a record for awhile. Time to write down all these hilarious moments so I can remember them forever and laugh over.... and over.... again.

-One day Daphne and I were talking about Virginia and Utah and the differences between them. She told me Virginia had a lot of trees and Utah didn't have very many, but Utah had mountains and Virginia didn't. Then she asked what a place with a lot of trees was called. I told her it was like a forest. Then she asked what Utah was. I told her it was a desert. She said "Oh.... well, I don't like Utah much anymore. It's just too moldy!" Moldy, huh? Okey-dokey :)

-One of Laylah's favorite games to play is "Primary" She is the teacher and she is always trying to get everyone else to be the primary kids. Anyway, one day she was telling the story of the Sermon on the Mount and how there was not enough food to feed all the people, but there was a boy who had 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fishes. She said Jesus blessed it and spread it around for everyone to share but there was still not enough and everyone went home because they were too hungry to listen anymore. Hmmmm.... what are they teaching my daughter in primary?!

-Andy got Daphne up one night to go potty and she was so out of it and tired. He told her to hurry up and take a whiz because she was just sitting there. She started to go pee and said "Whiiiiz" very sleepily. Then she looked up at him and glared and he said "Oh, sorry-you don't want to be the Whiz Kid?" And she answered "No! And you are a Toot Head!"

-One morning I was sleeping and I was woken up with a little voice whispering in my ear "Look... I'm mommy!" I opened my eyes to see Baron, who had a pair of my high heels on and a bunch of jewelry of mine draped all over his body. Cutest little mommy I've ever seen!

-I was washing sheets one day and went to get Jonah's. I noticed his stuffed bear that he cannot sleep without (and that is totally trashed) had yellow marker colored all over it. It even had writing on it-it didn't say anything, but just had various letters written. I asked him why he was coloring on his bear and he told me Baron had climbed up the ladder and done it. I told him I knew he wasn't telling the truth and that he had, in fact, done it. He asked me, exasperated "How come you always know when I am not telling you the truth?!"

-Baron is very confused about us always saying that there is a baby in my tummy. Whenever we tell him there is a baby in there he always says "nu-uh!" or "no way!" and shakes his head. One night while all the kids, except Bear, were getting ready for bed he was patting my tummy and saying "Baby in there?" Andy and I said "Yes, there is!" He said "Lemme see" and he proceeded to lift up my shirt to my bare belly. He patted it for a minute and then said "I wanna hear it. What does it say?" I said "Um, nothing-it doesn't talk." He looked at me for a minute and then leaned down and put his ear up against my belly. A slow smile spread across his face. And then he sat up. I said "What did the baby tell you?" He said "Baby say go brush teeth and go to bed." Haha! What a good baby :)

-I was sitting on the couch one night and Jonah came up and stood directly behind me. He then asked if I could see him. I told him no. He said "Ha! I knew it! My primary teacher told me adults have eyes in the backs of their heads so they can always see what kids are doing! But I didn't believe her and I was right!" Hmmm, smart kid :)

-I was giving all my kids haircuts a few days ago and Laylah decided she wanted some layers. Daphne overheard her and said "Shrek has layers. Like an onion. So what does that mean? Are you going to put an onion in Laylah's hair mom?" Too much movie watching? Maybe :)

-Jonah had some balloons for his birthday and he decided he wanted to let them go outside and watch them fly away. We all went out to watch and Laylah started singing the song (from the band The Fray) "Don't let me go, don't let me go, don't let me gooo-ooo-ooo-ooo! That's what those balloons are thinking I bet!"

-Andy went upstairs to put some sheets on the boys' bed and there were a bunch of dried boogers smeared on Jonah's bunkbed rail and also some on the wall. Andy asked Jonah about it and Jonah said "Well, I think Bear crawled up there and did it." Then thinking this was maybe a better idea he blurted out "Maybe they crawl out of my nose while I am sleeping!"

-And last but not least, today at church Baron got the hiccups during sacrement meeting. They were really bothering him, but Andy told him to wait until after the sacrement and then he'd take him to go get a drink. After we had the water Bear said "Okay, go get a drink...." and then he realized he wasn't hiccuping anymore. He yelled "Hey! Where mine hiccups go?!" Outrageous that they would just disappear like that, don't you think?

Haha! I just love the entertainment my kids give me. Hopefully you got a laugh or two as well :)


The Jubbs said...

Haha! They are so funny! I love kids. We were just talking last night about all the funny things Bella says. I can't wait till I have 4 of them giving me entertainment! Give them all hugs and kisses from me :)

Amber Kei said...

Oh, kids crack me up! My favorite was the onion layers one...maybe 'cause I can totally see Trent saying something like that! I'm sure you get plenty of laughter daily at your house!