Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jonah's Exciting Week

I know I have posted about Jonah a lot, but he has had a lot going on! I don't know if it's from turning 6 or what, but a lot of things have been happening to him recently...We gave him his birthday presents as soon as we got home from the airport. He has been wanting his own pet forever and had been asking for some sort of reptile or another. I wasn't quite ready for that, but his friend Colby has guinea pigs and Jonah loves them, so we decided to get some of those. Actually, we hadn't decided, we'd only talked about it, but Andy went ahead and did it while we were gone. They are adorable! We love them. Only one of them was for Jonah and the other is for the family. Meet Harley and Zu-zu, our new piggies.

He also got a new Wii game. This was not my idea.... he wants to play it non-stop.
We also had a little family party that night. Andy brought a projector home from work and we set it up on our empty family room wall. We rented Alice in Wonderland. It was a little scary for Bear (luckily he fell asleep after coming to snuggle with me :), but everyone else loved it.

We'd had enough cake, so Andy made chocolate shakes and popcorn. We put a candle in Jonah's bowl and sang Happy Birthday one more time.

It was so great to all be together again. We all ended up on the couch in one big heap (from the scary parts :) And Andy said "I sure missed you all!! It's so great to be together again." And it was. I was so happy.

A few days later Jonah decided he'd like to learn to ride a 2-wheeler. It was a sweltering night, but we went out and Andy started running up and down the street with him, telling him what to do. I have to say-Andy is an amazing father, but....he isn't the most patient when it comes to teaching how to ride a bike. He tried with Laylah once or twice, but I'm the one who ended up teaching her because she wouldn't do it with Andy anymore. Well, the same thing happened with Jonah. Jonah gave up because Andy was losing his patience. So I took some pictures of Daphne and Laylah riding around

After Jonah took a break, he decided to try again:
But after a few minutes he asked me to help him instead. I kind of laughed-me? With my huge pregnant belly? But of course, how could I not? So I did. And I'm sure I looked ridiculous. In fact, Andy took a picture, but I refuse to put it up. And after only a few minutes, he pretty much had it down-what can I say? I am a great teacher :) He just wouldn't keep his head up-he wanted to look at the pedals.

So he had a few crashes-once right into the mailbox. But after a little more practice that night he almost had it perfect! Good thing. I was about to fall over.

The next morning we were going swimming and he begged me to take him out and practice for a few minutes before we left. We did, and after a few minutes he was doing it perfectly, all by himself! Way to go Jo!

Now he's a pro and zooming all over the neighborhood.
A couple days later we were sitting around and I made a comment about Jonah's crooked lower tooth. It has been loose since April, barely hanging on in his mouth, and he was just terrified to lose it for some reason (It couldn't have been his memory of Andy pulling out one of Laylah's loose teeth with pliers.... right? ;) I told him it was time to get it out, it was barely hanging in there! Plus his new tooth was already poking through. He was nervous, but he let Andy pull it out. It was quick and hardly bled. I guess he wrapped it up in toilet paper and put it on the counter (I found out later). I thought it was trash and threw it out. Later when we were getting ready for bed he couldn't find his tooth. I told him we'd look for it and bring it up and put it under his pillow. So he went up to bed. Andy told me "I think he wrapped it up and put it on the counter" I froze and said "In a piece of toilet paper?" Andy laughed and said "Uhhh, ya.... did you throw it away?" I ran to the trash can and started searching through it. I found the toilet paper but the tooth was nowhere to be found. Curse those teeny tiny baby teeth!! I went up to tell Jo the bad news, but that we would write the Tooth Fairy a note explaining what had happened. He was already fast asleep. Phew! So we just put his $ under his pillow in a cute little Tooth Fairy envelope.
He was so excited in the morning to find it. I told him he had already fallen asleep and I put his tooth under his pillow for him and the Tooth Fairy came and got it and that was that!
So there is Jo's exciting week.
And also-I am a terrible Tooth Fairy.

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