Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goooooo Team!!

This summer when we were talking about extracurricular activites with the kids for fall, Laylah said she would like to try something other than dance. I gave her a few different ideas and she decided she wanted to try cheerleading. They offer it through the county and the cheerleaders cheer for the little league football teams. She's had practices for a few weeks and last Thursday they had their first game. She was so excited, and even though they'd only learned a handful of cheers, they did so great and it was so adorable to watch. Of course, anything my kids do is adorable in my opinion, but I really love to watch something I am knowledgable about and interested in :)Stretching and getting ready for the game

They made a banner at their last practice for the team (they cheer for the Raiders) to run through when the game started. Laylah thought it was so funny that they made a banner and it was just going to get torn apart and ruined. It sure did bring back memories of my highschool cheer days of rolling out the banner and having the players run through it when they came back to the field after half-time! :)

Cheering away!
Even though they didn't win (they lost 1-0) Laylah had a great time. She got a little tired halfway through the 4th quarter, but finished through the end. She was all smiles and loved every minute. I'm glad we found something else she loves to do. I have a feeling she's going to be like I was when I was little and want to try 50 different things before she settles on something she really loves to do. Until then, I'm happy watching her do whatever!


Becca and Brian said...

That is so cute! Its a mini Sarah! Hey guess what I have 5 more days. I'm counting down!

Chris and Amy Darton said...

SOOO Cute!

Tommy and Teisha said...

Cute! Following in her mom's footsteps.