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I'm doing our whole week and a half in Utah in one post (minus Jonah's birthday celebrations) and I hope it's not too boring because I was terrible at taking pictures this trip, so it'll be a LOT of writing for my records but not much viewing. I'm usually really good, but I was just being SO lazy, and now I regret it. I know my mom has a bunch of pictures, my MIL has some, and also some friends have some that I did things with, so I'll have to add them if I can ever get any from them :)

We got home from Powell late Friday night and the girls had driven home with my brother Nate in his car, so they just slept over there. On Saturday morning he called me and asked if we wanted to go see Toy Story 3. Of course! It wasn't playing in our town back home (so weird), so we hadn't seen it. Needless to say we all loved it. And yes, I cried.

I also went out to sushi with my sister Kaylie and her friend Sierra that night. It was soooooooo good and I stuffed myself so full that I almost had to roll myself outta there. Oh, and the cute little chinese (I think?) waitress asked me what my baby was and I told her I didn't know. She predicted a boy and said she's never wrong. So, we'll see :) I also went to a movie with my mom and dad. It was horrible. Do not see Date Night. I know it's out on DVD soon. Don't rent it. Seriously-trash.

On Sunday I went to my old ward and got to see all our old friends. The kids were in heaven. They were so excited to see all their old teachers and friends. The primary sang them the Welcome Song and Laylah said they felt very special :) Everyone was so welcoming and expressed how much they missed us. It made us all feel very loved. I adore my old ward and that is one of the things I miss so much about Utah. Later that day we went to see my in-laws and had treats and played games. They had gotten a fire pit since we'd seen them last and grandma Collette had gotten those humongous marshmellows. The kids had a blast roasting them and dropping them in the fire to watch them blow up to gigantic proportions. All the in- town in-laws came over and all the kids had a blast with their cousins and aunts and uncles. Grandma Collette had also gotten them these cute, tiny finger flashlights and we ended up staying until midnight playing flashlight tag in the pitch dark house. We had a lot of fun.

Uncle Ryan the horse

Messy marshmellows

On Monday we all slept in until after 9, which is a miracle for my kids, and then we went swimming at my grandmas house with all my siblings and all the kids' cousins. My mom came to watch my kids because I left half-way through and went to lunch with a bunch of ladies in my old ward. It was really fun.

On Tuesday my mom took my entire family to Lagoon. I just love Lagoon. I even went on a lot of rides-just not the crazy roller coasters. It was pretty funny because all these young teenage kids are running the rides and they would look at me like they wanted to say something about me not being able to ride, but then they wouldn't. I was careful. I'm not one to worry too much about something happening with a pregnancy because my old doctor used to tell me that you could ride a roller coaster at 8 months pregnant and the baby would be fine. Lots of cushion in there :) Anyway, the kids loved it. They all were much more daring than they've ever been (except Laylah, she couldn't get more daring, she's already ridden every ride there since she was 5) and I got Jonah to go on a lot of rides he would never have gone on before. We were there all day until they closed, and the kids still weren't ready to go home. And apparently I spent most of my time with Laylah and Jonah because that's the only pictures I have. My mom has way more pictures of the day, so I'll add them later.

If you look close, you can see Bear in a blue shirt on a horse

Laylah and Papa

On Wednesday my mother-in-law had offered to take the kids for lunch and to Wheeler Farm, so my mom and I spent the day together. We went to the temple and to lunch and then shopped at a bunch of different stores. I'm not much of a fan of shopping when I'm pregnant. Too much walking and depression about not being able to fit into anything cute :) But I still didn't want the day to end. I love being with my mom so much and it's rare that it's just she and I one-on-one. It was such a fun day. And I did find a way cute pair of shoes that was a half size too big. I didn't get them but now wish I would have. Darn it. Oh well, there's always next time...

On Thursday my sister Suzanne had told me she wanted to take me to the spa for a massage in exchange for a haircut from me. Hmmm, who's the winner here? ME! We went to Salon Dante and got amazing massages and then went to lunch afterwards. Suzanne works a lot and also lives on her own, so I don't get to see her as much as I would like to. I was lucky to get to see her several times while I was visiting and it was terrific. I love her, she's so much fun. And also, my other amazing sister Kaylie babysat while we were gone. I love her SO much too-she is the best! Later that day I met up with Becca and we took all the kids swimming and then I did her hair afterwards. I love Becca (I know, I love everyone) and it was so much fun to get together. She moved a few days ago, to Wisconsin, so next time I go to Utah, she won't be there :( This was the last trip she and I would get to see each other, so it was a little bitter sweet.Daphne, Kenzie, Laylah, Baron, Jonah, Madi

On Friday morning I had a hair appointment with Tara and we had fun chatting like always. It always takes us way longer than it normally would because we talk so much. Plus I had to bring my boys with me (the girls' had slept over at their cousin Kiersta's again) So we had to keep checking on all the kids. Thanks Tara- you're the best! Afterwards I took the boys over to my other friend Tara's and we sat and hung-out while our 4 boys played. I also did her hair and got to play with the cutest little baby girl ever! It was so nice to get to see so many of my friends and just be together and catch-up. That evening Laylah and Jonah had been invited to sleepover at Kajia and Javis' house and Daphne was invited to spend the night with Kiersta again. So it was just me and Bear. We got some dinner and went and did a little shopping for picture clothes because I had an appointment for my kids to get pictures the next Tuesday before we went home. I love spending one-on-one time with my kids. You really get to see their personality and it makes them so enjoyable and fun. Baron was hilarious and had me laughing all night. We went on a walk to the park later that night with my parents and we all played with him on the playground.

On Saturday morning my parent's stake had a breakfast/primary activity that we went to. Bear was being shy without all of his siblings to help him play in the bounce house, so we eneded up just going home after we ate. I did some birthday shopping for Jonah and then went and picked up Daphne and Kiersta and we met up with Laylah, Jonah, Javis, Kajia, and Cris (Kajia and Javis' mom) and we headed up the canyon to roast hot dogs and s'mores. Luckily my sister Kaylie so graciously came along and I'm SO glad she did. I think I might not have come home with all 5 kids had she not. It was a bit crazy. We had to park across the BUSY 60 mph highway, there was a rushing river right by our picnic area, giant rocks and logs that everyone just HAD to climb all over, and the ranger came by and warned us about a larger than usual amount of rattlesnake sightings. Not to mention a big fire. Not a good mix with 7 busy little kids and only 3 adults. We were constantly running after one kid or another, calling names, looking for kids, warning them to stay out of trouble, etc. I was so exhausted by the time we left. And each of my kids only almost died once. Pretty good :) But it was a fun night nonetheless. And the kids LOVED it which is what counts, right? Uhhh, sure.

Sunday we celebrated Jonah's birthday with the family and Monday (his actual birthday) we had a birthday party. Those will have their own posts :) But later that night (Mon) my girl Cristan (who had come up from Salina JUST to see me :) and I got together to go to Leatherby's (YUM!!) and then we went and saw Inception afterwards. My brother Nate just happened to be there at the theater to see it too! (his wife had gone out of town earlier that day and he was bored) It was pretty funny. It was just like the good ole' days. The three of us used to hang out a lot when Cristan and I were in highschool. It was a waaaay trippy movie, but I liked it. Afterwards it was so late, but Cristan and I still managed to stay talking in the driveway until nearly 2 AM. Totally fun. I love my Cristan.

On Tuesday morning I had the kids' pictures taken and then we just went on some errands and ran to various family members and said goodbye to everyone. We also had several doctor appts. (I am terrible, I still haven't found new doctors in Virginia) and later that night I did my mom's hair and we just sat outside in the beautiful Utah night and talked.

I packed up the next morning and we were off, driving down to Vegas to spend one more night before we flew home. My dad took me and we met Rachel in St. George for lunch, made the luggage/carseat switch to her car and drove the rest of the way. The cousins all were crazy that last night with each other. I did Rachel's hair and we stayed up way too late talking yet again. I don't even know what we talk about, but for some reason we can't go to bed earlier than 1 AM. The next day (Thurs) we went swimming in the morning with Rachel's playgroup and then we headed home to pack and get ready to go. Rach dropped us off at the airport that afternoon and I wanted to cry. I was excited to go home to my hubs, but sad my vacation and family time was over. My trip home is a post in itself.... look forward to it, it's pretty crazy. And it makes me sound pretty amazing. But I'm really not. I almost had a serious breakdown. Luckily, I didn't ;)

It was SUCH a wonderful, fun, exhausting, thrilling, amazing, tiresome trip. I loved it. I love my family so much. They all helped me so much the entire time. They are the best. I couldn't ask for better. Thanks family-I love you! And miss you already.

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Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

HOLY COW! I think you did every possible thing you could do in a week and a half, I'm especially impressed that you did it with 4 kido's and pregnant. Your family is seriously so darling! I'm sure your families loved being able to spend some time with you and your cute little one's too.

P.S. I agree you won with the massage (ha ha ha!)