Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sea Creature Swim Party

Jonah decided he'd like to have his birthday party in Utah while we were visiting. I was very happy with that because I don't know any of his friends or their parents in Virginia, and didn't want to have to track them down! He chose a Sea Creature Swim Party and wanted to do it at my grandma's house. We decorated the clubhouse with all things Sea Creature and did cake and presents in there and then swam in the pool for awhile, playing water games and just enjoying the nice, hot day. I loved the goodie bags full of sea creature tatoos, blow-up fish, bubbles, sea creature squirt toys, sea creature silly bandz, and packages of goldfish crackers all in a deep blue sea colored bag. It was so much fun and he was so happy most of his friends could come. It was such a fun party!I made the Ocean cupcakes for it, and I was pretty proud of myself :)

Cute kiddos

The mom's... Becca and Cristan graciously stayed to help me out. Thanks girls-you're the best!

Watching the birthday boy open his gifts

Jonah was so happy with all of his gifts and has been playing with them non-stop. He mostly asked for and received pool toys like water guns, dive sticks, a kickboard, water toys, etc. I gave him a couple toys from Andy and I and the kids. We got him some clothes, a snorkel and a monkey Webkinz that he named WooHoo. Andy had gotten the rest of his gifts and we were saving them for when we could celebrate at home all together.

Happy Birthday to You!

Cupcakes and ice cream cones

Jonah and his Great Grandma Marge. Thanks for letting us do his party there grandma! You're the best!
Also, thanks to Kaylie and my dad for all their help-especially Kaylie. She is the best sister/aunt ever.... she helped me bring everything, decorate, and played in the pool with all the kids. I love her and couldn't have done it without her!
Happy Birthday Jonah!


Tara and David said...

Happy Birthday Jonah!! SO sad that we were not able to make it to the party!! Looks like he had a ton of fun. Also, I totally forgot to pay you for you hair cutting service!!! Let me and I will send a check to you!!!! Love ya!

Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

What a cute idea for a party, your cupcakes looked darling and delicious! P.S. You look so cute!