Friday, September 17, 2010

A Craving

Autumn is official in 5 days (Yay!). One of the things I will really miss about summer is this:Oatmeal with blueberries. My dad is just going to die laughing at me. It was kind of a joke between us growing up how gross I thought it was that he liked oatmeal. He would cook it up with brown sugar and raisins and offer to make me some EVERY TIME. I always said "Oh sick, no way!" and he'd say "Are you sure? It is so good!" And I would decline. Every time. My mom never made it growing up and I never could get over the texture. SO I decided to make my kids eat it from the time they were little because I know it is very healthy, and I wanted them to like it. And they do. But I could never eat it. It was just too gross to me.

Until this pregnancy. I tried it one day because it just looked good to me. I love it now. It is delicious. I crave it. But only with fresh blueberries. Which are now unavailable and out of season (or $8/oz. Either way... )

I have never really had any "weird" or "out there" cravings in any of my pregnancies. But this one, to me, is pretty weird....

Anyone else have odd cravings of things you never thought you'd eat??? Do share :)


Mrs.Spy said...

I was one of those crazy people with vitamin defficiencies and I craved Irish Spring Soap.
I know.
I'd keep a bar of it in my pocket or purse at all times and ould smell it all day and sometimes....I'd scrape some soap off with my fingernail and eat it.
yes, I know that is insane, but it's what I craved.
The kids turned out relatively normalish.

I love oatmeal, btw- sweeten it with honey and I'm in breakfast heaven.

Emily Horrocks said...

Mrs. Spy - that's nuts!

When I was preg with my first, I craved those cheap, nasty tacos from Dell Taco. I get sick now thinking about them. Yeah...who knows!?

Melanie said...

Oh I love oatmeal! Especially with frozen berries and almonds mixed in. You're right, that is kind of a weird craving.

The A.Wahls said...

None of this is weird, but during my pregnancies I have also learned to like things I never thought I would like such as salsa, lettuce/salad, and green peppers. I never liked any of those things before my first pregnancy, but took a sudden interest in them while pregnant and now I love them all!

Also, my favorite way to eat oatmeal is to peel and grate an apple, sprinkle a little sugar and a bit of cinnamon on the grated apple and then put the grated apple in the microwave for about a minute then stir it into your freshly cooked oatmeal -delicious! And speaking of cravings, just writing about that oatmeal makes me want some!

Amber Kei said...

Cracks me up that your 'weird' craving is oatmeal! Glad you could eat it and enjoy it at least a few times in your life!