Monday, September 20, 2010

Terrible Two's Are Oh So Terrible

My two year old is terrible. The most terrible two-year old I have, in fact, ever had the pleasure of mothering. Half the time, he is the most charming, adorable, sweetest little thing you've ever come in contact with.... and then....WATCH OUT! Like the flip of a coin, he's.... well... quite horrid. I have had some sort of time adjusting to this while being nearly 8 months pregnant, in addition to having AS and being stiff and very uncomfortable/in pain pretty much 24/7. It renders me quite incapable of even picking up the 40 pound kid, not only when he's happy and just wants to be held, but mostly when he is acting like a fish out of water and flopping himself all around the floor in some sort of frenzy induced tantrum.

Exhibit A: This picture, which is the most current picture I have of him. This was at Jonah's football game where I asked Baron and Daphne to smile so I could take a picture of them. And the crying fit you see ensued. Yes, I am quite mean and understand that posing for a picture is pure torture, but I don't think it needed to be responded with by a temper tantrum throwing tizzy by the boy-which lasted about 20 minutes. Whatever.

My favorite is when I ask him to do the simplest of things, but we just happen to be in public (classic example-church. Or the store. Or the doctor's office. All great examples :) and I try to take his hand and gently lead him to do what I want done, but he throws himself down instead, and because I cannot possibly lift him, I end up dragging him by the hand to whatever task I have for him. The looks, not to mention the comments (Oh, the comments!) I get from people are just so priceless. Sometimes I just end up leaving him and walking away, calling over my shoulder "Okay, I'll see you later Bear!" but the scream that follows sounds like I have possibly stabbed him with a knife, so I try to avoid that route, if at all possible.

Although I know this is just a stage, and it will pass (well...maybe in a few years. If the 2's are this bad, what will the 3's be like?! I remember them being worse somehow...) but it is quite difficult and frustrating for me right now. Especially when The Dad comes home and is immediately obeyed in every request that is made. Why is that? I swear I'm the nicer, more patient, better looking of us... haha ;) Maybe it's just because of my current state. Either way, I'd like to have record of it so one day I can use it against him. Or something like that. I dunno. I'm pretty tired right now.

I Love you Bear. You're the cutest/naughtiest/most confusing little 2 year old I know. But, like I said-I sure do love you. And I think you're worth it.


The A.Wahls said...

I have one of those kids too...only mine is four. Things have gotten better since the "twos" but she is still my biggest challenge. And we have had scenes everywhere from grocery stores, to airplanes, to restaurants, city sidewalks, and beyond. When I do walk away, I figure I can't lose her because her scream can be heard probably about a mile away. It's when I come back for her and find other moms concerned and asking her if she knows where her mom is that I inwardly roll my eyes and say to myself, "don't worry, I am in complete control of this situation!" Adam sent me a text picture the other day of a pregnant mom, pushing a stroller, standing next to a screaming child (who was wailing on the ground). It made me smile. Not because there was a mom in distress, but because I felt her pain and it sure is nice to know you aren't the only one after all the looks and comments I get sometimes!

Armstrong said...

I am so sorry Bear is such a handful. I hope he grows out of it soon. At least he is adorable and gives you an 8 hour + break at night :)

Wish you the best on lthe last part of your pregnancy. I just can't wait to see this little person!

Tara said...

I am going to copy and paste this on my blog and change the name to Jensen. Man alive he is a TURD! I hope your pregnant body is holding up and your surving. Miss ya!

Amber Kei said...

I'm sorry to tell you this, but I laughed 'til I cried! This is Tyler...perfectly described. I'm glad you can call the looks and comments priceless, because I remember one time I let a stranger lady have it! Oops! So sorry for you! AHH!!

Andrew said...

This is the dad and although you may think you have the same 2 year old you don't. Imagine your child being twice the size of a normal 2 year old and having strength like the Incredible Hulk. He torments, teases, and terrorizes the whole family. He attacks when you least expect it, especially when you are asleep. One day he will make me lots of money in the NFL, but for now he causes great pain, plus he eats more than I do!

Anonymous said...

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