Thursday, September 16, 2010

Football.... of the Flag Variey

Jonah wanted to play football instead of soccer this fall, but he was too little. You have to be 8 to play football, so they have a developmental flag football league for kids who are 6 and 7. Andrew decided to coach again, and he has enjoyed it for the most part. He says it is A LOT harder than coaching soccer because you have to teach the kids' different plays and they have to go over and over them so they can memorize which play is which. They've been practicing for over a month and last Saturday was their first game. They seemed a little lost the first few minutes and the other team was really gung-ho and scored right away. They got the hang of it quickly though and got down to business! They ended up losing 13-7, but they did great. Jonah loved it and I loved watching him. I have never really enjoyed football, but I love watching my kids do something they love, so I was cheering and jumping up and down and screaming. It was so much fun and I can't wait for this Saturday's game!Jonah was ready to defend that quarterback! He was so good at distracting the other team and getting in their faces (because you can't touch them :)

Huddle up!

Good job Jonah Boy!!

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