Friday, September 10, 2010


Thought I'd do a little preggy update. Here's the update:

I'm huge. Ginormous. Whale-like. Pretty much any term you can think of that means "enormous"-that is me. I will be 32 weeks on Sunday and for the past 2 weeks, all I hear is "Aren't you due ANY day now?" or "How much longer do you have? You look ready to pop!" One of my favorites though is, "Are you sure there is only 1 baby in there??" Yes, people, I get it. I do own a mirror and I know that I am quite large, especially for having 7 weeks to go. But thanks for letting me know just in case you think I somehow missed it every morning as I struggle to roll myself out of bed.

Anyway, although I am close to 32 weeks, at my last appointment, I was measuring 35 cm. I always start measuring ahead as soon as the 3rd trimester starts. Here's a funny story. At my 29 week appointment my doctor measured me and then told me to come back in 2 weeks and that we'd do the strep test. I thought that was a little odd because I'd always had it done around 36 weeks with every other baby. But, what do I know? Anyway, when I came back 2 weeks later they took me to the room and did the usual stuff (I've only gained 27 pounds BTW.... pretty good for eating whatever I want and excercising like, once a week :) and then I asked if I should strip down. The nurse looked at me funny and asked why. I told her the dr. had said we were doing the strep test. She looked at my chart and started laughing. She said I had been measuring 34 weeks at my previous appointment and he just assumed I would be 36 at my next one (without checking that I was, in fact, only 29), so we would need the strep test done. Ahhhhhh.... right.

The only comfort I can give myself is that I do have extra amniotic fluid. They said that was probably causing me to measure ahead also, but I know better. It's these gigantic babies I have that make me enormous. I am so curious to see how big this one will be. Even more so than finding out the sex.

Here is something to give you an idea of my predicament. My hubby can barely get his arm around me anymore:

And this was even taken a week ago! Haha :)

Well, hopefully these next few weeks go by quickly. I am really feeling it in my lower back and also my hips and pelvic area. I feel like someone beat me up with a bat every morning when I wake up. But as soon as I get walking around it fades. Until dinnertime. Then the pain is back and I cringe as I walk around the kitchen getting dinner ready. At that point it starts to feel like my lower vertebrae are grinding together. It is a yucky feeling.

I'm almost done though! I can't wait to hold this baby in my arms and I know every minute will have been worth it. I love babies. Especially when they're mine ;)


Drea said...

Crazy Sarah! I'm so excited for you to have another baby and can't wait to find out what it is! Good luck with the last few weeks. Hopefully it won't go by too slow. :)

Armstrong said...

Pregnancy is still fresh in my mind and I feel your pain. I heard all of those comments as well when I was only 34 weeks. I gained 18 punds but looked like I had gained like 50 to everyone else. Hang in there. There is nothing like holding your brand new baby. It is totally worth the sacrafice of sickness and pain for 9 months. Oh and I think you look great!

Travis and Cristan said...

HA HA HA! You are so funny but you need to give yourself a break! I think that although your tummy is big-(not huge!) just because you have a baby in there, that you look hot as ever! Seriously! I love that shirt and your hair looks amazing! I can only hope that I will work out once in a whole pregnancy so good job to you!
Also I didn't know if you knew, but there is a rule with the 5th baby. The rule is this: When you have your 5th baby and you live so far away, your best friend actually gets to come help:) I didn't know if you knew that so I though I would just give you the heads up!

Shana Smith said...

Sarah, you look so cute, really you do! Isnt it just driving you nuts to not know the gender of this baby? Ok it is really driving me nuts, I want to know. Umm and I am so jealous that you have only gained 27 lb's, I think I gained that in the first 3 months, Ha Ha! I decided that you cant listen to what others say about your belly (the negative comments) because it only makes you feel like CRAP, have they NEVER been prego before?! Please people out there w/o a filter, process your comments before you actually say them, we are very emotional people!!! Anyway, you look fab..

Amber Kei said...

You make me laugh so much! Your feeling like 'someone beat you with a bat' comment rings close to home - that's still a pretty fresh memory! I cannot believe how everything felt this time around. Hoping that's just because I'm getting older and Paige was a lot bigger?? Oh, well, despite all that, I think you look great. I always think you look great. Good luck tuning everyone out for a few more weeks. Your baby is almost here!!

dave&abby johnson family said...

you are so cute pregnant!!

Serity said...

yay for you!!! haven't checked your blog for a while - didn't know you were pregnant. am so happy for you! hang in there! :)

Tommy and Teisha said...

Funny-- and lucky you getting to do that test early. I don't put any weight on the first 20 weeks and then I blossom. I put 10 lbs on in one month... and then grow and grow. The joys of pregnancy.

The A.Wahls said...

Just wanted to empathize with you on the back pain thing! My back hurts SO bad this time around. I read that pregnant ladies get back pain as their joints soften to make room for the baby to get out. I'm guessing that the more times that happens, the more strain they've been put through thus the greater pain with each pregnancy. My sis-in-law gave me a prenatal massage today and let me tell you, it worked wonders! The sciatic nerve pain is SO much better ...for now. I'm nervous for morning as that is when it is the worst for me as well. Hang in there and seek out a theraputic massage if you can. Know that I feel your pain, literally! :) (And I agree, little babies are definately worth this labor of love!)