Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Basket, A Ball

Jonah decided he wanted to try basketball this year, so we signed him up! He had 8 boys on his team, and of those boys, only 1 had played organized basketball in a league before. The first few practices were quite interesting and rather hilarious, but he had such an amazing, patient, and kind coach that by the time the first game came around, those boys were ready!They won their first game and went on to win the rest of the season, besides their final game, which I think they tied (I can't even remember.... sad)

I was surprised with Jonah's shooting skills. He was awesome and scored multiple times in nearly every game. I shouldn't have been (surprised, that is)... he comes from a line of awesome ball players. His Uncle David is currently at Utah State on a basketball scholarship, and my unlce Greg played at the Y many years ago.
He had a lot of fun throughout the season. I loved going to his games to cheer him on.

After their last game, they had a little team party at a pizza parlor. They received their awards and trophys. Coach Lance and Jonah

We had a terrific team, and we look forward to playing with them again next year!

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