Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bottom Of The List

Our cute pup Sadie is really a good little dog. But, unfortunately, she's down at the bottom of the list.

With our financial woes this last year, she went without a grooming for about 8 months. It was driving me absolutely crazy. I pride myself on having a good, clean dog that doesn't smell, ever. It got to the point where I would bathe her, and her hair was just so long and shaggy, that the "dog" smell never quite went away. I spritzed her, I sprayed her, I rubbed her down with all sorts of smell good stuff. Nothing worked. She was dropping little hairballs around the house and her hair was so tangled, I couldn't even get my fingers through it. Yuck. We had been playing catch-up even after Andy's new job, so we still held off on grooming her. I'm used to getting her groomed every 2-3 months and finally, a few weeks ago, I had had enough.

I'm happy to report, Sadie can see again! Her hair is gone! it is no longer hanging down past her eyes, and from her tummy down to the floor. I can stand to be near her again! It was a happy day :)
We love you puppy.

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