Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just Da Boys

The week of Jonah's and Magnus' surgeries was a fun one for Baron. The first couple of days were rough for Jonah, but after that, Jonah felt great and Bear loved having his best buddy home with him all day, every day. They played and played and I didn't hear "Mom, what can I do?" one time from Bear! It was a miracle.

One of the days, they were in their room for hours. They called me down and wanted me to take a picture of their little "village" that they had created with their toys.
"Check it out, Mom!"

A little later that day, Bear came into the laundry room where I was folding clothes and said, "Mom, I'm Jonah!" I couldn't stop laughing. Those boys are just so cute and clever.

Jonah had scads and scads of homework to complete while he was home for the week. He's modeling his China hat he was assigned to make while he was at home (he missed half of the unit on China that they were studying). Let me tell you... I don't know how homeschooling mothers do it! Or teachers, for that matter! It was awful. We probably spent 3 hours a day on work, and Jonah was such a stink about it. I could never, ever homeschool. Like, ever.

And all the while, this little stinker continued to do what he does best..... trying to keep up with the big boys, make messes, and get into and onto things he's not supposed to. He's had many a spills and bumps and bruises lately.

It was an interesting week. I thought I would get so much done at home while we were pretty much confined to the house for so long, but I didn't. I was really lazy and we watched a lot of movies, played a lot of wii, did a lot of homeowork (like I already mentioned), and took lots of naps. It was kind of a nice break, but I was hating life for a few days after Jonah went back to school and I was super behind on everything. Oh well, "da boys" had a blast and that's all that matters now :)

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